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Matamoros has four international bridges that are used daily by thousands of people traveling from the United States to purchase handicrafts, including beautiful Mexican pottery, colorful textiles and gold or silver jewelry. This border crossing is also used by Mexicans wishing to shop in the neighboring Texan city of Brownsville, where you can buy reasonably priced brand name clothing, accessories, electronics and much more.

Mercado Juarez (Juarez Market)

Originally constructed as a supply center in 1835, Mercado Juarez has changed significantly over the years due to political changes and hurricane damage. The now remodeled market is a great place to purchase handicrafts, jewelry, rustic furnishings, souvenirs and other items that are popular with both locals and visitors.

Pedestrian Area

Matamoros ShoppingLocated between Plaza Hidalgo and the Cathedral, this area is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll and a fun day of shopping. You’ll find all kinds of products, ranging from shoes, hats and crafts to candies and even furniture. This local market has a beautiful cobblestone street that adds a memorable touch to your Matamoros shopping experience.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls in MatamorosShopping malls that sell a variety of high-end items are located in different areas of Matamoros, including Plaza Sendero on Avenida Constituyentes, and Plaza Fiesta on Avenida Pedro Cardenas. Both plazas are home to movie theaters, restaurants and other attractions for those who wish to make great purchases while enjoying the local atmosphere

Brownsville, Texas

Shopping in Matamoros and BrownsvilleLocated north of Matamoros at the entrance to the city of Brownsville, Texas, is the Sunrise Mall. This impressive shopping mall is the largest in the area and features several department stores as well as a host of specialty shops, such as shoe stores, boutiques, jewelry stores and shops that sell accessories, beauty products and books. This immense complex is also a fantastic place to find electronics, restaurants and movie theaters.

Downtown Brownsville is also home to a variety of stores, shopping malls, and smaller shops that offer excellent discounts on souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and accessories.


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