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Matamoros TravelConsidered an excellent business destination thanks to its location right by the United States border, Matamoros is connected to its northern neighbor via four international bridges that extend into Brownsville, Texas. With a major event complex, factories and a steady stream of imports and exports, this city is known as The Great Mexican Gateway.

In addition to its economic importance and the architectural gems featured within the downtown area, Matamoros is a preferred departure point for the beautiful Bagdad Beach, a popular destination for those who enjoy sport fishing. The surrounding area also offers plenty of opportunities for hunting tourism, as it makes up part of the northern route of the top Mexican state for regulated hunting.

Border City

Matamoros TourismFollowing the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, Matamoros became an important destination for the transport of goods by land. American companies set up their textile factories in the area, making foreign investment one of the economic engines of the city.

Given its location, the citizens of Matamoros and Brownsville, Texas, are in constant communication for cultural, economic and social purposes. Americans often visit Matamoros to purchase handicrafts and other products at affordable prices while the local residents cross the border to buy goods at the shopping malls and outlets.

Matamoros Profile

  • Connected with the U.S. city of Brownsville by four international bridges
  • A business destination with many textile factories
  • Offers excellent facilities for hosting events and celebrations
  • Near the beautiful Bagdad Beach beside the Gulf of Mexico
  • Surrounded by areas that are perfect for hunting tourism and sport fishing.

Things to do in Matamoros

  • Take a tour of local monuments and iconic buildings, including the Fort Casamata Museum, the Cathedral and Plaza Hidalgo
  • Visit Bagdad Beach and try some delicious seafood
  • Grab your passport and head out for a day of shopping in Brownsville, Texas
  • Take a photo of The Great Gate of Mexico, located in Parque Olimpico Cultura y Conocimiento
  • Enjoy succulent meat dishes, including cabrito (roasted goat kid) served in a variety of styles.
  • Visit the hunting and fishing areas located on the outskirts of the city


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