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Restaurants in Mar del Plata, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Everyone loves a good meal, and in Mar del Plata there are plenty of restaurants to choose from where you can enjoy fantastic cuisine at any time of the day. Over the years, a number of magnificent restaurants and eateries have opened up in this city, serving an incredible selection of cuisine to suit all tastes. For the adventurous diner there are lots of interesting things to try which are unique to the area that we are sure you are going to love.

Argentinean Steaks

Restaurants in Mar del Plata, Argentina

With regards to tourism, Mar del Plata is the second most important city in Argentina, and while visiting here it is definitely worth trying the delicious national cuts of beef, which have given this country its world famous culinary reputation. The city is surrounded by fields of cattle, so it is very easy to find any kind of steak, as thick or thin as you like it. You can also try other kinds of meat, such as delicious pork bondiola, chicken, and chorizo sausage, to mention just a few. The magnificent Argentinean steaks are available everywhere in this city, from street carts to elegant restaurants, just ask the local people for the best places to go.

Centro Comercial y Gastronomico del Puerto

Restaurants in Mar del Plata, Argentina

This is a busy market in Mar del Plata where you can find delicious canned seafood alongside beautiful arts and crafts. There are also lots of food carts and well known restaurants located here, where you can try such culinary delicacies as paella, a favorite in this region because of its delicious blend of flavors. There are lots of other regional dishes to try, which are predominantly made with seafood as their main ingredient.


Restaurants in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Because of its long coastline, the city of Mar del Plata has lots of delicious seafood and fish dishes to try. You can find many places to eat seafood at the market called the Centro Comercial y Gastronomico del Puerto. However, in the city there are also lots of venues where you can enjoy magnificent dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients from the sea, such as tuna, pink salmon, grouper, hake, oysters, squid, crab, lobster, shrimp, trout and many more.


Restaurants in Mar del Plata, Argentina

The cosmopolitan city of Mar del Plata features an eclectic blend of international flavors. Here you will find everything from traditional Argentinean, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, German and French cuisines, to the exotic flavors of Asian and Arabic specialties. Bon Appetite!

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