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Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina

In Mar del Plata, locals and tourists of all ages head out every night to experience this city's vibrant nightlife. Many consider that the nightlife is the main attraction in Mar del Plata, since each evening the city transforms into a social melting pot, where Argentinean and foreign tourists mix together. While the museums and beaches are the daytime focal point, by night the spotlight turns to the theaters, bars and "boliches" (Argentinean slang for "nightclub"), so there's no excuse for staying in your hotel room. Get out and have fun!

Avenida Constitucion

Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina

This avenue is known as Mar del Plata's nighttime hotspot, bringing together nightclubs, restaurants and cafes all in one place. Every night, this street offers its visitors a unique show of bright lights and music spilling out from the various establishments, inviting all the passersby to melt into the colorful ambiance.

Avenida Martinez de Hoz

Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Avenida Martinez de Hoz is known for its great bar scene, with bars ranging from simple setups to elegant establishments often frequented by celebrities. Here, you're sure to come across some rising Argentinean soap opera star out on the town with their entourage. The avenue is also known for its amazing restaurants serving traditional Argentinean cuisine and international dishes.

Avenida Costanera

Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina

On this avenue, you'll find enormous modern nightclubs and discos that have become some of the most popular hotspots in Mar del Plata, serving locals as well as tourists in search of new places to party during their visit. There are also many bars and restaurants in the area. Although this avenue is somewhat set apart from downtown, access is simple due to city transportation and taxis.

Beach Parties

Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina

The beaches don't lose their charm when the sun goes down: many of them hold oceanside nighttime events, transforming into breezy, music-filled venues. Many of these events are aired on local television stations, making them even more intriguing for young people. Fashion shows, beauty contests, sporting events and dance exhibitions are often held on the beach.

Theater and Shows

Nightlife in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Since the city of Mar del Plata is well-known for its shows, especially during the summer months filled with festivals and events, you can enjoy amazing shows at more than 30 theaters throughout the city. Every year, the city holds a variety of plays, dance exhibitions, circus performances, and film festivals that you're sure to love. Check at your hotel or see local listings to find out which events will be taking place during your stay in this fascinating beach city.

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