Mar del Plata, Argentina

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Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Even though it is known among tourists as the classic water park/summer vacation resort, Mar del Plata offers much more than beautiful beaches and fun water parks. Enjoy exciting tours with a little bit of history, outdoor sports or visit the galleries and museums where you can find works of art that go from the classical style to more avant guarde notions. There are also fun annual activities that are held in this fantastic city.

The fact that Mar del Plata is the most visited city in all of Argentina, after Buenos Aires, should be a clear indicator that its attractions and activities allow for a wonderful travel itinerary. Satisfy your vacation needs and travel plans and choose from the wide variety of options. It would be unthinkable to arrive to this beautiful destination without a camera, a bathing suit and comfortable walking shoes. Come and enjoy Mar del Plata and discover all its marvels!


Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

This beautiful construction was inaugurated in 1898, after five years of construction. It is a fabulous example of gothic architecture with a very 12th or 13th century European feel. Admire the spectacular stained glass that decorates this building and be in awe of the powerful sound of its bells. They are made of five different types of metals, melded together, which give the bells its incredible resonance, chimes of which you can hear in most of the city.

Lighthouse Punta Mogotes

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

The Lighthouse Punta Mogotes is located on Mogotes Point, in the south of the city. The tower is about 185 feet tall and was inaugurated in 1891. Since then, it has marked the limits of the territory and guided vessels through the night with three beams of light, which can be seen about 42 nautical miles away. Access is not permitted but you can see it function, a spectacle in and of itself. Because of this, it has become a symbol of Mar del Plata.

Mar del Plata Aquarium

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

This recreational center has various aquariums with diverse species of fish, both inside and out. There is an area for marine mammals as well as natural lagoons where you can observe local fauna and flora. There is also a salt water lake and an area where kids can learn about the sea while they play. This is definitely the most modern aquarium of its kind in all of South America.

Museum Fangio

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

This museum, created in honor of Juan Manuel Fangio, famous Formula One racer, brings together in 64,000 square feet of space, a collection of more than 60 cars, 800 trophies, photographs, documents that have formed a part of the history of car racing in Argentina. There is a "microcine" (literally a micro movie theater), a library, a cafe and a boutique, everything centering on the legend of this famous race driver. The Museo Fangio can be found in the city of Balcarce, some 40 miles away from Mar del Plata. So if you're a race car fan, come to Museo Fangio and enjoy your visit.

Museum del Mar

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Discover this city, with its important cultural aspects of Mar del Plata. At this museum, there are interesting aquariums, an important collection of shellfish, a meteorology station, a theater, an interactive game area and a small movie theater. The entire museum is located in a beautiful, European-style house that has been declared a treasure of the municipality of General Pueyrredon. It is definitely an obligatory stop for the whole family, where you can have fun and learn.


Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

The 30 miles of coastline gives Mar del Plata a space where you can enjoy sea foam, cliffs, rocks, docks and, of course, the beaches. The long stretch of golden sand is where, during vacation season, becomes a very frequented meeting point. In fact, it is for its beaches that Mar del Plata has garnered the fame of being a tourist destination. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Playa Bristol
  • Playa Varese
  • Playa La Perla
  • Playa Grande
  • Playa Chica
  • Cabo Correintes
  • Punta Mogotes and Complejo Balneario
  • Playa Escondida
  • Playa El Torreon
  • Punta Piedras
  • Chapadmalal
  • Playas de Camet

Rambla Casino

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

In the city of Mar del Plata, there are several casinos but in the historic building of Rambla Bristol de Bustillo, you can find one of the most important ones, standing out precisely for its architecture. The building has, apart from a casino, a sports center, an auditorium, a school and a variety of other commercial locales. This beautiful place is a very worthwhile visit, especially if you have a camera. Take a picture of the incredibly beautiful architecture and in particular, the spectacular entrance, which is flanked by two sculptures of sea lions.

Sea Lion Reserve

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

This area is located along the seafront, in the southern part of the city, where herds of the South American sea lions come to take shelter and rest during the year. They come here after long journeys in search for food in this part of the Atlantic. The Reserve was named a Natural Monument of Mar del Plata in 1994. These sea lions normally travel to the shores of Uruguay to mate.

El Paraiso Zoo

Attractions in Mar del Plata, Argentina

The incredible El Paraiso Zoo is located near the access to the Sierra de los Padres, 15 minutes west of the city. The place is a large park where there are more than 300 species of animals and more than a hundred varieties of trees on about 20 acres of land. The trip around the zoo can be done on foot, by train (which covers the zoo pretty completely) or, if you prefer, by taxi.

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