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Welcome to Mar del Plata Argentina

Mar del Plata is one of Argentina's top tourist destinations, situated in the General Pueyrredon region in the province of Buenos Aires. On your trip to this fascinating coastal city, don't forget to bring along your bathing suit, a little sunscreen, and a lot of energy so that you can experience fun and excitement under the sun, highlighted by the city's history, art and culture.


Welcome to Mar del Plata Argentina

When you arrive in Mar del Plata, you'll see that the city has a thirty-mile long border running along the Argentine Sea, including various beaches along with a port. The best way to get to this beautiful destination is a 45-minute flight from Buenos Aires. However, you can also choose a four to five hour drive along the highway, and a romantic five hour train ride is also available for those who wish to enjoy the scenery.

In general, the climate is cool and humid, so make sure to dress accordingly. Even so, one of Mar del Plata's best features is that you can visit the beaches year-round. The temperature varies, around 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, to 80 degrees in the summer, so there's nothing to stop you from going out on the town and enjoying this amazing city.

The City's Name

Welcome to Mar del Plata Argentina

Throughout its history, this city has had various names, including Punta de Arenas Gordas, Cabo Lobos, and even Puerto de Resguardo Laguna de los Padres. The current name, Mar del Plata, was born at the end of the nineteenth century. Meaning "Sea of Silver", the name refers to the luminous reflection of the sun on the sea, while also referring to the name of the area south of the Rio de Plata (Silver River), called "Provincias Unidas del Rio de la Plata". This area also helped to form the name of the country: Argentina, since silver is poetically known as "argento" in Spanish.


Welcome to Mar del Plata Argentina

Since its beginnings, Mar del Plata has been Argentina's most important summer destination. Many famous people built summer houses here in the nineteenth century; today, these houses have been converted into important museums and cultural centers that capture the attention of passersby due to their unique architecture.

The architectural style of many of these homes is European, while adapting to the country of Argentina. It's known as "Picturesquism", emulating various old European styles, such as Baroque, Gothic and Romanic, but done mainly in brickwork instead of stone or wood. The city also has many Art Deco buildings, which contrast with the modern industrial parks, office buildings and apartments.

Events and Sports

Welcome to Mar del Plata Argentina

Every year in December, the Fiesta Nacional del Mar (National Sea Festival) is held, bringing in the summer season. Tourists flock to this event, which features concerts by popular singers, regional and modern dance shows, and a contest in which the Reina Nacional del Mar (National Sea Queen) is chosen, along with her princesses; these women will represent the city during a year of different festivals along with national and international pageants. The Mar del Plata International Film Festival is also held during the summer season, bringing together Hollywood celebrities and new filmmakers, presenting new international film ideas along with a film competition.

Welcome to Mar del Plata Argentina

Sports fans will also enjoy the city's exciting soccer matches, especially at the summer cup held every year at the Jose Maria Minella Stadium. This venue has also held other events, such as the "Sports Games" (a sample of national competitive sports) along with the Pan American Games and even the Davis Cup. Don't forget to look out for upcoming events during your trip to this beautiful beach destination, so that you can always get front row seats.

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