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Manzanillo Cuisine

In Manzanillo you can enjoy everything from fresh seafood and traditional Mexican dishes to a wide variety of international cuisine. There’s always a restaurant for every taste and budget.

Among the culinary delights that you can try are tatemado (marinated pork stew), chilayo (pork and vegetable stew), menudo (soup made from beef stomach in a chili pepper base), and the traditional corn-based dish known as cuachala; but Manzanillo is best known for its variety of fish and seafood dishes, such as butterflied prawns sautéed in garlic, caldo michi (tomato based fish chowder), grilled sailfish, camarones a la diablo (spicy shrimp), and marlin ceviche.

Tamarind plays an important role in both dishes and traditional candies. You can’t leave Manzanillo without first trying cocadas (chewy coconut candy) and nieves de garrafa (home-style sorbet) in the main city square. Some of the drinks that are available include the famous tejuino (a cold beverage made from fermented corn) and an ice-cold agua de tuba, which is fermented coconut water with bits of peanut.

Hotel Zone

Manzanillo RestaurantsThis is where you’ll find a wider variety of restaurants than in the downtown area. We should also mention that the big hotels have specialty, buffet, and a la carte restaurants.


Beach Restaurants in ManzanilloMany of the beaches in Manzanillo have charming thatched roof palapa restaurants that are situated just steps from the sand. Come and enjoy delicious seafood dishes and be sure to ask for traditional marlin ceviche, fried fish, or shrimp cocktail.

Downtown Area

What to eat in ManzanilloIn downtown Manzanillo you’ll find many of the most affordable restaurants for tourists, mainly along the coastal highway Miguel de la Madrid. The most common are local eateries serving fish and seafood, grilled meats, pizza, and pozole (traditional hominy stew). 

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