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Manzanillo, also known as the "Sailfish Capital of the World," is a port city with excellent golf courses, upscale hotels, and numerous attractions that captivate visitors. Manzanillo can be divided into two distinct geographic zones. The downtown district is where you’ll find the commercial port area, while the modern and attractive tourist district extends for several miles along the coast. It is home to luxury hotels and offers all of the activities that you could wish for in a vacation destination: golf, all types of water sports, and some of the best deep sea fishing in the Pacific.

The coastal highway that connects the bays (Manzanillo and Santiago) is lined with some of the area’s top restaurants, shops, boutiques, and nightclubs.


Playas en ManzanilloManzanillo has several miles of semi-virgin beaches that extend along the coast between the two bays that make up this destination (Santiago and Manzanillo). Whichever type of beach you’re looking for, whether it’s one with calm waters that’s perfect for kids, or one with big waves for surfing, you’ll find it in Manzanillo.

Manzanillo Profile

  • Features a modern hotel zone
  • Considered the capital of sport fishing
  • Beautiful golden sand beaches
  • Important tourist and commercial port
  • The site of surfing tournaments
  • Offers a variety of extreme water sports
  • Preferred destination for its golf courses
  • A popular romantic destination

Things to do in Manzanillo

  • Tour the downtown area and enjoy a traditional home-style sorbet
  • Try the delicious marlin ceviche
  • Go on a sport fishing tour
  • Learn to surf
  • Enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean at one of the beaches, like Playa Miramar Beach
  • Take a scuba diving or snorkeling tour in the bays
  • Play a game of golf on a professional course
  • Visit Cuyutlan, Barra de Navidad, Comala, or Colima
  • Attend a moonlight beach party


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