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Shopping in Manaus, Brazil: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

Handicrafts in Manaus are plenty, beautiful, creative and influenced by the indigenous culture. In the Central de Artesanato Branco e Silva (Branco and Silva Handicraft Center), admire work created from materials that are typical of the region, like straw, ceramic, wood, vines, jute fiber cloth, beads and seeds, among other materials. There are more than 20 shops that sell various handicrafts like baskets, embroidered items, sculptures, paintings and other such products.

The shopping centers also contribute to the purchasing and entertainment options for those visiting this great Amazonian metropolis. If you're in search of a memento of your trip, Manaus has plenty to choose from.

Amazonas Shopping Center

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

This is one of the biggest malls in the Amazonian capital. It takes up about 100,000 square yards of constructed space and is located in an area called 10 de Novembro, on the corner of Darcy Vargas and Djalma Batista, one of the main entertainment areas in Manaus. You can find artistic and cultural activities here and because of its family atmosphere, close to 40,000 people come here daily. There are important stores like Carrefour, Riachuelo, C&A, Renner, City Lar, Bemol and Ramsons. This mall also has movie theaters, recreation areas, a food court and restaurants.

Manauara Shopping

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

Manauara Shopping has 227 shops of all the best national brands, contributing to four floors of excellent shopping opportunities, with each floor named after a different regional fruit (Buriti, Tucuma, Azai and Castanheira). Located in an area called Adrianopolis, it also has a theater with 10 movie screens, an entertainment center (Magic Games) and a theater. The parking lot can accommodate more than 2,700 vehicles and has a modern electronic system that indicates how many spaces are free and how many are taken. There is also assistance for those who need manual and motorized wheelchairs.

Manaus Plaza Shopping

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

This five-story mall has over 140 shops and is located on Djalma Batista Avenue, in the Chapada area. With a food court, movie theaters and a parking lot for 1,200 cars, there is also an auditorium, a panoramic elevator and a meeting spot. It is one of the largest malls in Manaus.

Millenium Shopping

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

This mall is different from the rest for the exclusive services it offers. Aside from its many stores, there are also three towers that are business, health and housing oriented. There are movie theaters, a gourmet food area, a laundry mat, a beauty salon, seamstress and alteration services, wheelchair rentals and more. It is located on Djalma Batista Avenue, in the Chapada area.

Studio 5 Festival Mall Manaus

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

This mall is located in the industrial area of Manaus and is one of the most varied malls of this city. There are also a number of stores as well as a wide variety of cultural activities offered. You can also find a food court, a movie theater, a bowling alley and a recreational area for children from 3 to 12 years of age.


Shopping in Manaus Brazil

The creation of "bio joyas" (jewelry made from material from the Amazon jungle) has had a lot of popularity. One of the main materials used are seeds. Many of the pieces are combined with gold or silver, giving the jewelry a very refined look. This kind of jewelry has intrigued both locals and visitors and can be found in many shops, boutiques and handicraft centers in the city.

The Zona Franca

Shopping in Manaus Brazil

The one place in Brazil that has always attracted tourists, and will most likely continue to do so, is the Zona Franca of Manaus. Shoppers can rest assured that they are purchasing quality products. The payment plans, the competitive prices and the chance to buy the latest in electronics and electrical appliances make the Zona Franca one of the main shopping malls in all of Manaus.

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