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Restaurants in Manaus, Brasil: Gastronomy and Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

Part of the attraction of Manaus is its exotic cuisine. There is a wide variety of typical dishes that are fish-based, flavored with local spices. The fish of the Amazon are considered the best in South America and in Manaus, is widely consumed. They can be grilled, fried, made into croquettes or flaked. Enjoy a variety of fish from the region, including tucunare, jaraqui, surubim, matrinxa, tambaqui, pirarucu, pacu and curimata.

Among the main dishes, there is the "Pirarucu de Casaca" which is made from plantains from the region, the "Caldeirada de Tambaqui" (typical dish that is seasoned with tomatoes, garlic, onions, pepper and oil), the "Tambaqui a la Parrilla" or the "Tacaca", sold in diverse food stands throughout the city. This last dish consists of a thick soup that has, as its main ingredient, something called "tucupi", which is juice extracted from manioc root.


Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

The guarana is one of the most well-known fruits of the region, both in and out of Brazil, used mostly in energetic shake drinks. The preparation also includes guarana syrup or powder and the mix can turn out combinations you would never imagine. There is guarana with powdered and condensed milk, chocolate and half and half or with local fruits like "cupuazu" and "acerola".

Central do Artesanato (Handicraft Center)

Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

In the Central do Artesanato, something you shouldn't miss out on is the local coffee, offered on Sundays, from 7 in the morning till noon. You can also enjoy many of the dishes from the Amazon like the cassava bread, corn bread, tapioca, "pamonha" (a savory or sweet dish that is made from corn mush and milk, wrapped and boiled in corn husks), regional fruits, mashed bananas, fried bananas or "tucuma" (typical fruit used in sweets, syrups and ice cream).


Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

The Choupana is an excellent seafood restaurant and is considered one of the best in the area. The decor is rustic and the roof is made of straw. The popularity of this restaurant is due to the fact that it specializes in fish typical to the area. For starters, they offer a courtesy "Caldinho de Peixe" (fish stew) or a "Tucupi". The main dish is the "Tambaqui a Choupana" (grilled fillet accompanied with a salad, rice, fish "farofa" and fried bananas). Another excellent dish is the "Risoto aos 3 Peixes" fried rice from three different types of fish: tamaqui, pirarucu and tucunare).

Cantina Dom Domenico

Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

This cantina has been recognized on three different occasions for its cozy atmosphere and its Italian spirit. The decor includes hanging bottles on the wall, soccer jerseys and kitchen utensils. The menu includes delicious dishes made with imported pasta from Italy and with fresh, homemade pastas. Don't miss out on the pork sausages prepared with "cachaca" (pronounced "ca-sha-sa"; Brazilian liquor made from freshly pressed cane juice). Among the popular dishes that can be had here, there is the "Parpadelle Don Luarindo", which was named in honor of the owner and father of the chef, made with Italian squash and fresh shrimp in parsley butter.

Waku Sese

Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

The name of this restaurant means "everything is alright" in the language of the Sateres-Maues and in terms of food, it is renowned for its tapioca. Also considered one of the best regional Brazilian restaurants in the area, its simple decor is a definite contrast alongside the well-equipped kitchen. Some of its more popular dishes are Tambaqui pork ribs with Jambu rice and fried bananas and the Pirarucu Waku Sese.

Churrascaria Bufalo

Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

The meat served here come from the ranches of the states of Acre and Rondonia. The waiters are dressed in typical regional wear that consist of baggy pants, riding boots and red neckerchiefs. There are 30 varieties of meat that are offered around the room, as well as fish dishes, such as "tambaqui" and salmon. There are also 10 options for sides and cold cuts, all included in the price of the meal.

O Lenhador

Restaurants in Manaus Brazil

O Lenhador has typical regional cuisine as well as a buffet that includes fish from the Amazon, shellfish, manta ray, caiman and turtle. While you dine, listen to popular Brazilian music live.

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