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Nightlife in Manaus, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

Visitors touring Manaus during the day will find an endless amount of activities to choose from and attractions to visit. When night falls, the number of options available throughout the city is immense, perfect for any traveler. In this vibrant city, you can enjoy nightclubs, theaters, artistic shows, traditional dances, bars, folkloric shows, art and culture.

These venues are frequented not only by Brazilians, but also by foreign tourists; people head out into Manaus at night to make new friends, get their energy going and enjoy some drinks. The city's nighttime hotspots fill up their evenings with unforgettable and exciting parties.

Bar do Armando

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

This large building was once an old grocery store, but today it has been transformed into a bar. All sorts of people can be seen at Bar do Armando, like reporters, musicians, politicians, writers, tourists and bohemians. The main attraction here is the ice-cold beer, perfect for drinking alongside the bar's famous "x-porco" sandwich, seasoned with lime. The owner is in charge of almost everything here, and can often be seen talking to guests at his bar.

Cachazaria do Dede

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

This venue has the best happy hour in the city, serving mouthwatering hors d'oeuvres like its famous stone-fried "charque" (South American jerky) with manioc rolls and "coalho" (a lightly salted soft cheese, traditional in northern Brazil). The smoked pork ribs is a great dish to pair with the bar's 180 brands of "cachaca" (pronounced "cah-CHAH-sah", a traditional Brazilian liquor) served by the glass, although there are 600 other brands sold by the bottle. Each bottle of cachaca is served along with information about its origin, the type of wood used to age it and its alcohol proof. If you're not into trying cachaca, you can order a "chope" (draft beer) or one of the 60 kinds of bottled beer available.


Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

The "chope" (draft beer) at this bar has been chosen as the best in the city for the third year in a row. As soon as the eight-gallon barrels arrive, they're immediately taken to walk-ins set at 40 degrees before being hooked up to the taps. Enjoy a delicious and refreshing beer at Manaus' famous Picollino bar.

Porao do Alemao

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

This spot is a popular hangout for the city's rock and roll crowd; it has won the title as the best place to end the night on four occasions. Wednesday through Saturday, you can see a variety of local bands playing, and the real party begins at one in the morning with the bar fills up with more than 1200 people.

Chao de Estrelas

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

This unique venue is decked out in photographs, radios, antique instruments and many other collectibles. It's frequented by a wide variety of patrons, from businessmen and musicians to soccer players and hippies, while expert musicians play "choros" (a popular Brazilian music genre) for the crowd. Anyone's welcome to grab the mic and start singing.


Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

Situated on the Ponta Negra highway, EckoLounge is built out of recyclable materials, using the least amount of products and materials possible in an effort to preserve the environment. It features three bars along with an amazing dance floor and a stage for live shows. The ambiance is relaxed, with an outdoor lounge and diverse food. Here, you can enjoy exciting live DJ performances along with the best local pop groups and rock bands.


Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

This modern bar is centrally located in Manaus' stunning downtown area, set within an old mansion. It's decorated in beautiful works of art and neon figures, a popular spot for those looking to hear popular Brazilian music played live. A unique back room provides even more privacy for customers in search of a romantic evening. Guests looking to keep the party going after a few drinks have access to the nightclub next door, run by the same owners.

Les Gens 300

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

This nightclub has two areas featuring live DJs. One is a dance floor and bar, while the other is an upstairs lounge area. At Los Gens 300, you'll want to make an advance reservation to ensure a great spot.

Forro do Bagaza

Vida Nocturna en Manaus, Brasil

Forro do Bagaza is one of the city's most popular "forro" houses, drawing in up to 3000 people a night. The forro (a traditional Brazilian dance and music genre) played here by live bands and DJs is known as local "Amazonian" style, with more seductive steps and rhythms. To quench your thirst throughout the night, the house offers refreshing ice-cold beer, "caipirinhas" and "caipifrutas" (traditional Brazilian drinks prepared with cachaca liquor).

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