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Attractions in Manaus, Brazil: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

The city of Manaus offers more natural resources and varied tourist attractions than almost any other city in Brazil. Visitors are blown away by the exotic natural surroundings, filled with life, color and exuberance.

It's hard to know where to start due to the enormous amount of exciting attractions available in this beautiful destination. Among the many options Manaus has to offer, you'll find stunning tours in the surrounding areas, not to mention cultural activities, events and festivals. You're sure to return home with beautiful souvenirs and amazing memories to draw you back!

Teatro Amazonas

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

This theater has diverse ambiances combining unique materials and styles, transforming it into a highly eclectic space. It's without a doubt the city's most important building, due to its priceless architectural value as well as its historic importance; it's considered living proof of the prosperity and richness of the region during the famous rubber boom. Today, Teatro Amazonas features shows by the city's dance company, Coral and the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra. This theater is the venue for many regional, Brazilian and international shows, with a capacity for up to 700 people.

Alfandega (Customs House)

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

One of the oldest buildings in the city, the Alfandega was inaugurated in 1906; this beautiful architectural gem was recognized as National Historic Heritage in 1987. Its eclectic style combines elements from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, built with pre-made bricks imported all the way over from England.

Encontro das Aguas

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

The Encontro das Aguas ("Meeting of the Waters") is an amazing site where the dark waters of the Rio Negro meet the sandy-colored waters of the Amazon River, whose upper section is commonly known as Rio Solimoes. Both rivers run right alongside each other without ever mixing for 3.7 to 11 miles (depending on the season), creating a truly unforgettable sight. This unique reaction is caused by the difference in temperature, density and speed of the two rivers.

Chamine Art Center

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

This building once housed the city's water treatment plant. With neo-renaissance characteristics, it has an 80-foot chimney topped with an iron cupola, giving the building its name, Chamine, meaning "chimney". Today, it serves as a cultural center, featuring a variety of diverse spaces for theater, musical shows, art workshops, art expos, cinema and seminars.

Palacio Rio Negro Cultural Center

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

This stunning building originally served as the home of famous rubber merchant Waldemar Scholtz. The Palacio Rio Negro was inaugurated at the end of the nineteenth century, popularly known as Palacete Scholtz. It was recognized as state heritage in 1980, and today it hosts many art expos, shows, plays and other cultural activities.

Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Cathedral

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

Also known as the Igreja Matriz (Parent Church), this was the first church built after the founding of Manaus in 1695, constructed by Carmelite missionaries. With simple and rustic design, it was set on elevated terrain near the city's Port area, but in 1850 the church was completely destroyed after a fire. The current building is Greek-inspired, and most of the material used for its reconstruction was imported from Europe. In 1877, the church was recognized as a cathedral, the first important architectural project in Manaus. With views of the Rio Negro, the Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Cathedral impresses visitors with its solemn beauty and beautiful staircases.

Bosque da Ciencia

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

Located at the headquarters for INPA (Amazonian National Investigation Institute), this is an immense area filled with Amazonian plants and wildlife. The Bosque da Ciencia (Science Forest) is a great attraction for visitors who want to get in touch with nature and learn more about indigenous animals. You can also walk along educational paths and learn about the "Peixe-Boi" project for Amazonian manatees, or explore the wood house, the Inajas area (a type of palm), the bee condo, the elevated path, the Amazonian Lake, the Cayman crocodile habitat and much, much more.

Adolfo Ducke Botanical Garden

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

Explore the abundant world of Amazonian botanical species at Adolpho Ducke. This garden offers a wide variety of fascinating attractions for both Brazilian and international tourists, including guided tours along the paths, environmental education, a botanical library, expos, events and seminars.

Ponta Negra Beach

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

Ponta Negra Beach is located just eight miles from Manaus and is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, offering a wide variety of things to do: swimming, running, volleyball games, footvolley (beach volleyball played with feet and other parts of the body, no hands), skating, walking or simply relaxing and admiring the beautiful natural surroundings. Today, it's one of the most modern tourist areas in Manaus.


Attractions in Manaus Brazil

This is one of the most exotic natural attractions that the state of Amazonas has to offer, available from April through September (subject to seasonal changes). The unique experience of passing through the stunning indigenous Amazonian vegetation known as "igapo" on board a canoe is a simple mixture of beauty and mystery. Explore tangled jungle surroundings in the extravagant and enchanting environment during an impressive tour.

Boi Manaus Festival

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

Travelers visiting Manaus in the month of October can experience the amazing "Boi Manaus", a huge party sponsored by the city in honor of October 24, the anniversary of the day Manaus was declared a city. Singers lead varied groups identified by their "tururis" (special tee shirts) sold at accessible prices, guaranteeing access to the reserved parade area. The outer stands, with a capacity for more than 40,000 people, are for those who weren't able to buy their "tururi".

Parque do Mindu

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

Parque do Mindu (Mindu Park) was created in 1992 as an area of ecological interest. The spot where it's located is one of the last reserves for the "sauim-de-coleira" (pied tamarin), a primate species on the brink of extinction that only lives in the Manaus region. Parque do Mindu has a library, 600-person amphitheater, medicinal and aromatic herb gardens, and an orchid farm.

Porto de Manaus

Attractions in Manaus Brazil

The floating Porto de Manaus (Port of Manaus) was built and planned by the English. It's a fascinating feat of engineering, designed to move with the Rio Negro's high and low tides.

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