Managua, Nicaragua

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Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua: Nightclubs, Bars & More

Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua

Managua is a great destination for those seeking an energetic night life, as there is a great selection of exciting places to go, with bars, restaurants and nightclubs to suit all tastes. Experience something different and meet new people each night you head out to explore this vibrant city.

Carretera a Masaya

Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua

There are a number of bars and discos spread throughout Managua, especially on the Carretera Masaya, which is divided into easily identifiable zones. The restaurants and bars zone features a variety of types and genres, making it a great area for people who wish to discover different kinds of food and music. "Zona Cero" is popular with the locals and is a great place to meet new friends, chat and enjoy a good drink.


Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua

The city also has a number of casinos where you can have a great time and try your luck. Expert gamblers will love the variety of games found at these casinos, including a great selection of slot machines.

Zona Rosa

Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua

This area features the bars and discos that are popular with the younger generation. There are also places where teenagers and students can spend time with their friends.

Zona Viva

Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua

This is Managua's most modern district, where most couples prefer to go when on a date. This area features the latest restaurants and bars, and is also home to many of the most prestigious local shopping malls.


Nightlife in Managua, Nicaragua

Another fantastic option for a night out in Managua are the city's festivals, which are frequented by the locals and becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Rock festivals and reggae concerts are common; these are the genres that are enjoyed by the majority of young Nicaraguans. You can also go to concerts that feature music from yesteryear, which are well-received by the older generation.

There are fun places to go throughout the city, especially for those wishing to go out at night, when the energy and vitality that is hidden during the working day really comes out. Make the most of the time you have here - you're on vacation after all!

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