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Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

Managua has a wonderful variety of urban, historic, cultural, and natural attractions that you can explore while you get to know this fantastic Nicaraguan city. Come and find out for yourself!


Ruben Dario National Theater

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

This beautiful building was constructed in 1969 and is one of the symbols of the Old Managua area of the city, having survived the earthquake in 1972. It is one of the most influential theaters in Latin America and has held many of the most popular national and international plays. This theater is a true icon of the city, something that all tourists should see during their visit to the capital.

Loma de Tiscapa Park

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

Come to this beautiful park to discover the city's historical treasures. A number of significant monuments are within the vicinity of this park, including the General Sandino monument, a tank that was a present from Mussolini. When you visit the park you'll be able to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city and Lake Managua. This park also features exciting activities, including zip lines.

The National Palace

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

The palace was built in 1935 and now houses the Library and the National Museum, along with countless historic documents that were significant in the formation of modern-day Nicaragua. The palace was also witness to many historical events during the Sandinista Revolution.

The Ancient Footprints of Acahualinca

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

The Acahualinca tracks are believed to be one of the oldest pieces of evidence of prehistoric human existence in Nicaragua. They are located in the southern part of Lake Managua in an area once called "El Cauce" (the Riverbed). These tracks have been immortalized by volcanic mud and ashes, which has preserved them throughout the centuries. A museum has now been built over them to further aid in the conservation of this historic monument.

Managua Cathedral

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua, Nicaragua

Managua has had three cathedrals over the years, and the latest is the youngest cathedral in Latin America. It was built in 1993 and features a remarkably unique design. This cathedral is visited by thousands of tourists every year, some for religious motivations and others who wish to admire its impressive majesty and beauty.

Nature Reserves

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua, Nicaragua

There are a number of reserves located in the vicinity of Managua, the most famous of which are the Montibelli Nature Reserve and the Chocoyero National Park. Both of these boast incredible scenery and an extensive array of diverse plant and animal species. Those visiting the parks can try a variety of sporting activities or set up camp for a fun afternoon with family or friends.

The National Stadium

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

This is the largest sporting complex in Nicaragua and is mostly used to host baseball games. It is home to the largest team in the country, the Boer Indians. The stadium is one of the most popular local attractions, as baseball is the main sport in Nicaragua.

Port "Salvador Allende"

Attractions in Managua, Nicaragua

This beautiful port has become the main port in the city and is one of the main tourist attractions. It is ideal for nature lovers, as it gives them a chance to admire the scenery on neighboring islands. This is definitely one place that you should see during your visit to Managua.


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