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Welcome to Managua, Nicaragua

The present day skyline of Managua is one of a First World city, as it is home to the latest technology, high quality commerce and excellent services.

This beautiful city is the capital of Nicaragua and is the second most populated city in Central America after Guatemala City. Due to its location it has a tropical climate and an average temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the warmest capital cities in the Americas.

As the seat of all major political and economical operations in the country, Managua is a major Nicaraguan city. Aside from its political and economical standing, Managua is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions; year after year, thousands of travelers choose this city as their vacation destination.

Tourism in Managua

Welcome to Managua, Nicaragua

Tourists generally come to Managua to explore its urban attractions, but history has also left its mark on the city. Some of the buildings constructed during the colonial period still stand today. This is one of the most attractive cities in Nicaragua and visitors to this area can enjoy high quality services.

Welcome to Managua, Nicaragua

There are a wide range of places to visit in Managua, including monuments, squares, theaters and cultural centers. All of these attractions have their own story to tell about this lovely city, providing you with an insight into what this metropolis means to the country and its inhabitants.



Welcome to Managua, Nicaragua

Managua was founded in the pre-Columbian era, becoming a major commercial and political center when it was under Spanish rule in the colonial period.

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