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Shopping in Maceio, Brazil: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Maceio Brazil

Maceio offers several great options for shopping, especially due to its wide variety of local handmade crafts. Embroidery and basket weaving along with sculptures made of wood and clay can easily be found around town. You might even come across artistically painted ostrich eggs, which can be used as unique containers or simply for decoration.

Shopping in Maceio Brazil

The main areas to go shopping for handicrafts in Maceio include "Feirinha de Pajucara" and the "Pavilhao do Artesanato", both situated in Pajucara. You can also visit the "Cheiro da Terra" in the Jatiuca Beach area, as well as the "Mercado do Artesanato", in downtown Maceio. Not far from downtown, on Silverio Jorge Street, visit Armazem Sebrae for incredible regional handicrafts and folk art.

If you prefer American-style shopping centers, Maceio has several malls that you can visit.

Shopping in Maceio Brazil

Feirinha De Artesanato Da Pajucara

Nearly 300 stands selling handicrafts and traditional cuisine, right by the sea.

Pavilhao Do Artesanato

A series of artisans visit the beach every day, selling a variety of handmade items.

Mercado De Artesanato De Maceio

This flea market in downtown Maceio features over 80 different shops with attractive prices.

Shopping in Maceio Brazil

Cheiro Da Terra

This series of stands at Jatiuca Beach often features events and activities to entertain visitors.

Nucleo Artesanal Do Pontal Da Barra

The former fishing village of Pontal da Barra is now a handicraft-producing district in Maceio. It features more than 80 stores with fine, beautiful pieces.

Shopping Patio Maceio

The largest shopping mall in the state of Alagoas, boasting 160 shops, reputable department stores, a movie theater (including a 3D screen), and a food court.

Shopping in Maceio Brazil

Maceio Shopping

Situated in the growing district of Mangabeiras, this shopping mall features 165 stores, a multiplex theater, several department stores and a small food court.


A cozy, quaint shopping center in the Farol district. It has 40 stores, a few places to eat and a duplex theater.

Shopping Cidade

Also in the Farol district, Shopping Cidade has a supermarket, a department store specializing in electronics, a few restaurants and 20 stores.


Located in the Maceio airport overlooking the runways, Aeroshopping offers approximately 50 stores as well as leisure and art options for those arriving in or departing from Maceio.

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