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Restaurants in Maceio, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Maceio Brasil

One of the highlights of a trip to Maceio is sampling the delicious cuisine, which features Brazilian classics along with exquisite dishes prepared with seafood and fish from the Atlantic. The city has lots of excellent restaurants, both on the beach and in downtown Maceio. Those on the beaches are normally smaller, thatched roof eateries offering fresh seafood and Brazilian cuisine.


Restaurants in Maceio Brazil

Tapioca is one of the most representative dishes in the cuisine of Maceio. It is prepared with mandioca (cassava) flour, which is cooked and filled to create something similar to a soft empanada.

During your vacation to Maceio you can find this dish at many of the beach restaurants, with fillings ranging from cheese to seafood. There also tapiocas with sweet fillings, such as chocolate, which are served for dessert.


Restaurants in Maceio Brazil

Located 15 minutes from Maceio, Massagueira is a fishing town that anyone who loves seafood should definitely visit. Tranquil and charming, this village features great restaurants, which are mostly located around a lagoon. These establishments are small and simple, but the food they serve is simply exceptional.

The Best Restaurants in Maceio

Restaurants in Maceio Brasil

Oca - This seaside restaurant serves tapiocas filled with seafood.


This bistro serves salads, sandwiches and juices. They also play great electronic music.


A casual restaurant and a real local favorite, serving seafood and regional dishes.


Located on a pedestrian street in downtown Maceio, Manjericao serves a delicious buffet. The owners also have a small stand in the Shopping Cidade mall.

Restaurants in Maceio Brasil

Sarah's Esfihas

Middle Eastern snacks with a Brazilian twist. The atmosphere is very casual and it's a popular spot with the locals.

Mestre Cuca

Enjoy delectable regional cuisine and salads at this simple, self-service eatery.

New Hakata

One of the best Asian restaurants in Maceio.

Rei do Choppe

Literally meaning "The King of Beer", this restaurant is situated beachside and serves grilled meat and seafood.

Stella Maris

An outstanding Brazilian steakhouse with accessible prices.

Restaurants in Maceio Brasil


Pizza and pasta prepared in a traditional way and served in a unique environment.


Situated in the Ponta Verde area, Surya isone of the best vegetarian restaurants in Maceio.


Refined Peruvian cuisine and an elegant atmosphere.This award winning establishment is considered one of the best restaurants in Brazil.

Divina Gula

One of the most popular eateries with the locals. It has a casual atmosphere, many social events, outdoor spaces and an extensive menu


Bodega de Sertao

This enchanting, uniquely decorated restaurant serves the cuisine of northeastern Brazil. It is self-service "per-kilo", meaning that you take what you want and pay according to the weight of your food.

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