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Nightlife in Maceio, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Maceio, Brazil

The nightlife in Maceio sways to the rhythm of rock, pop and jazz, as well as "forro" and "axe", the traditional musical styles of northeastern Brazil. The variety of bars, clubs and discos, along with the city's concerts, outdoor festivals and cultural events create a wide variety of nighttime entertainment for all tastes.

The main areas to go out at night in Maceio include the downtown district and the beaches. In downtown Maceio, the revamped Jaragua district has some of the most important cultural venues and a number of bars and clubs. As for the beach area, one of the most outstanding spots is Pajucara beach, where you can find "Middo", one of the city's best clubs. Jatiuca beach has good nightclubs as well, including the prestigious "Mai Kai", while Ponte Verde beach also has lively dance clubs in Maceio.

Foca Bier

Nightlife in Maceio, Brazil

Designed in the style of a castle, Foca Bier has live Brazilian music along with great food and drinks.


Nightlife in Maceio, Brasil

Popular with locals and visitors alike, Limpiao is a beach bar with regional beats and lively atmosphere.

Mai Kai

Nightlife in Maceio, Brasil

Lots of young adults gather in this Caribbean-style bar where you'll find bands playing pop, rock and axe.


Nightlife in Maceio, Brazil

DJs, the beautiful people of Maceio and a very lively atmosphere attract both locals and foreigners to this chic club.

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