Maceio, Brazil

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Attractions in Maceio, Brazil: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Maceio, Brazil

The main attraction in Maceio has to be the gorgeous beaches, but the city also has plenty of other things to do for recreation and entertainment. There is so much to enjoy in Maceio that you'll probably need quite a few days in order to see all the attractions available.


Attractions in Maceio, Brazil

After undergoing a complete renovation, the Jaragua neighborhood, located downtown, is one of the main local attractions. This area features numerous Portuguese colonial buildings, as well as several churches that house outstanding pieces of religious art. There are interesting museums in Jargua and concerts held frequently, as well as lots of cultural events. You can learn plenty about the history of Maceio and discover its beauty by taking a stroll around the city.

The Beaches

Beaches in Maceio, Brazil

Long strips of beach characterize Maceio and you can easily spend hours lying on the sand, contemplating the beauty of the ocean and forgetting about city life. Take as much time as you need, relaxing, clearing your head, and unwinding. Local vendors might approach you to offer you a unique craft, a sweet pastry or a refreshing beverage, but other than that you'll be able to lay back and completely relax.

Beaches in Maceio, Brazil

Some of the best beaches are Jatiuca, Ponta Verde and Pajucara, which are all popular gathering spots for locals and tourists alike. Pajucara happens to be one of the few beaches in the world that offers tours for people in wheelchairs.

Beaches in Maceio, Brazil

If you want to explore the surrounding areas and enjoy nature, you can always head up the coast to where you can find some of the most secluded beaches in Maceio. Barra de Santo Antonio, Carro Quebrado and Tabula all come highly recommended.

Naturally Formed Pools

Attractions in Maceio, Brazil

Just off the beaches of Maceio there's a well-kept secret. There are shallow pools of water off the coast, which are ideal for swimming in.

Some of the best pools are located about a mile off the coast of Pajuacara. Pratagy Beach, located up the coast from Maceio, has a wonderful look out point on top of a cliff, from where you can see one of these natural pools completely surrounded by beautiful coral reef. It truly is a unique experience for those who love the beach and the ocean.


Attractions in Maceio, Brazil

The beaches on the southern tip of Maceio are ideal for surfing and body boarding. They are quite safe and there aren't any sharp rocks under the sea, so it is possible to surf without very much risk of an accident. One of the best beaches for surfing in Maceio is Frances Beach, which features awesome waves all year long.

Praia Do Gunga

Attractions in Maceio, Brasil

Worthy of a special mention is Gunga Beach, located 30 minutes from Maceio and considered one of the best beaches in the country. This beach marks the border between the Atlantic Ocean and Roteiro Lagoon and the water has an amazing display of colors. When the tide is low the water looks dark blue and when it is high, the water turns a bluish green, very much like the Caribbean Sea.


Attractions in Maceio, Brazil

If you're interested in culture, you can visit one of the museums in town. One of the best is the Theo Brandao Museum, located in a picturesque oceanfront complex. The museum features folk art and history exhibits, as well as local arts and crafts. Other museums include The Alagoas History and Geography Museum, the Pierre Chalita Museum, which exhibits art, the Music and Image Museum, the Natural History Museum, and there's even a SportsMuseum, which you should definitely visit if you're a soccer fan.

Holidays and Celebrations

Attractions in Maceio, Brasil

There are quite a few popular holidays and festivities in Maceio that most of the locals celebrate annually. June 24th is Festa Junina, originally a colonial tradition. These festivities take place throughout the town starting on June 13th on Saint Anthony's Day, and finish on the 29th which is Saint Peter's and Saint Paul's Day. The celebration includes a fireworks display, folk dancing in the streets, parades, bonfires on the beach at night, and stands selling typical foods. During this festive time the people of Maceio usually dress up as peasants and farmers.

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