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Welcome to Maceio

Maceio is the capital of the state of Alagoas, located on the northeastern coast of Brazil. The city has beaches of singular beauty and a calm and relaxing atmosphere for vacationing.

The tourist development of Maceio has seen some recent acceleration, especially in terms of the pristine natural beauty of this land, where there are regions where rivers, lagoons and marshes all converge and empty out into the Atlantic.

Originally, Maceio was a fishing community. Nowadays, it is a city that has close to a million inhabitants, a growing hotel infrastructure and an international airport. In the city, there are excellent restaurants, a large selection of hotel options of different categories and a number of entertainment choices. The dance clubs, the handicrafts as well as the mass produced goods of the city attract distinct segments of the population, perfect for any vacationer. Families, couples, single people and elderly people can all find everything they need in Maceio for a relaxing and truly laid back vacation in Brazil.

Natural Surroundings

Welcome to Maceio

With the budding tourist development and the natural beauty all around, Maceio is an excellent option for those who enjoy the ecotourist route, the contact with nature, outdoor walks and water activities. Around the city, you can find lagoons, rivers, marshes and an enormous coastline with beautiful, virgin beaches.

Cultural Offerings

Welcome to Maceio

As if the beautiful beaches, incredible blue waters, accessible hotel rates and the surrounding natural beauty weren't enough, Maceio has an active and very vibrant local culture. The happy spirit of Brazil is reflected in its inhabitants and is manifested in its local festivities, cultural events, theaters, museums, dances and typical handicrafts. The folklore of the region is present in the streets, in the handicraft markets and in the restaurants of Maceio. Enjoy discovering the cultural heart of Brazil while you get to know the different beaches.

Accessible Destination

Welcome to Maceio

With agreeably nice weather all year around, Maceio is converted into the perfect tropical escape with a wide variety of hotels to choose from, for all budgets. Apart from all the growing number of hotel choices, the city also has a considerable number of villas and condos that can be reserved for stays of a considerable period of time at very convenient rates. This way, you can plan long vacations with family or friends without having to spend a large amount of money.

Welcome to Maceio

Maceio, the main tourist city of the state of Alagoas, in Brazil is waiting to be discovered. With a laid-back atmosphere, hotel infrastructure for all travelers and excellent recreational, nighttime entertainment, shopping and eating options, Maceio can please any visitor. Don't miss the chance to visit!

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