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Macae Vacations

Macae is a city with fantastic potential, featuring impressive ecological attractions that co-exist harmoniously with the petroleum industry. The city's development policy has allowed it to grow without harming its biggest draw, the nature around it, including important natural springs, many of which are protected by law.

Make the most of your next business trip to Macae to relax in this beautiful mountainous region, either on the beaches, or exploring the wonderful attractions that the city has to offer.


Macae Vacations

Macae was founded in 1627 by Portuguese colonists. Nowadays it boasts fantastic national heritage, with many buildings that remind visitors of a past full of urban legends. Petroleum is the main economic pillar of the city; however, Macae is also home to stunning beaches, ecological attractions, rich culture, and history, along with being well located just over 100 miles away from Rio de Janeiro.

Petroleum Industry

Macae Vacations

The city of Macae grew significantly in the 70s, when Petrobas (the largest petroleum producer in Brazil) choose Macae to be their home. More than four thousand businesses set up shop in the municipality, and the population trebled. The best proof of this is the fact that Macae Airport receives the greatest number of helicopters in Latin America.

With an economy that has grown at an even higher rate than China in the last ten years, an impressive 600%, Macae is a city that is constantly evolving. Today Macae has the largest number of hotels in the state of Rio de Janeiro to cater to the huge quantity of business tourism it receives.

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