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Los Cabos is a gourmet paradise that offers a seemingly endless selection of tempting cuisine. Though fresh seafood is the main specialty in Los Cabos, there are also plenty of international dishes to enjoy in the local restaurants, which offer everything from fast food and casual options to fine dining in the small eateries and large restaurants located throughout the city. Local cuisine is centered on ingredients obtained from the sea, taking advantage of the vast natural wealth of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. With these fresh and perfectly seasoned products, the city is able to offer various dishes and traditional meals that should not be missed.

Mexican Chocolate Clams

Chocolate Clams

This species of clam is prepared in a unique fashion. The clams are roasted on a bed of stones covered with a local rosemary plant, adding even more flavor for you to enjoy. This traditional Loreto dish is definitely worth trying on your next visit to Los Cabos.

Fish and Shrimp Tacos

Seafood Tacos

Fish and shrimp tacos are classic meals in destinations like Los Cabos, where a variety of local species, the freshness of the catch, and special seasoning combine to create tacos that make a truly memorable meal. Small pieces of battered fish and shrimp are placed on a corn tortilla along with a delicious coleslaw, vegetables and salsa for additional flavoring

Smoked Marlin

Smoked Marlin

As one of the most common species found in the area, marlin is prepared in many ways; however it is usually smoked and shredded for better preservation and to heighten its flavor. The meat is delicious when served on a fried corn tortilla with vegetables and cheese, or in a marinade accompanied by tortillas, crackers and totopos (corn tortilla chips), and also used in tacos. In Los Cabos, the marlin is always fresh and flavorful, so don’t hesitate to order it in any of the local restaurants.

Guemes Tamales and Fajados Chicken Tamales


Guemes tamales are a tradition throughout the Baja California peninsula. They are prepared with chicken or pork, olive oil, raisins and olives. The "Fajados" (swaddled) chicken tamales are a La Paz tradition and in Los Cabos they are prepared with a delicious seasoning, corn dough and stewed chicken before being wrapped in a corn husk. Make sure you try this delightful snack during your next visit to Los Cabos.

Comida de Pobres (Poor Man's Food)

Poor Man's Food

Don’t be deceived by the name of this popular food. These simple yet delicious meals consist of exquisite seafood soup accompanied by Mexican rice and beans with flour tortillas.

Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit)

Dragon Fruit

A traditional Miraflores treat, there is a plentiful supply of pitahaya thanks to the unique flora and climate of this destination. This delicious cactus fruit grows mainly in desert environments and is used to make jams, jellied candies, marzipan and crystallized pitahayas.


Damiana Liqueur

In Cabo San Lucas it is a tradition to accompany your meal with Clamato, a drink made of tomato juice and clam. Another popular option is Damiana liqueur, made from the plant of the same name and mixed with cane alcohol, water and sugar. Often prepared by the indigenous Guaycrua for their ceremonies, this is a digestive liqueur and a relaxing aphrodisiac.

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