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The people of Sinaloa have a habit of revealing their thoughts and feelings. This feature of their identity can be seen in their handicrafts and is present in the history and culture of Los Mochis. The artisanal products here have been recognized for their quality, with goods including pottery, wickerwork, metalwork, fabrics made from istle fibers, and saddles.

The locals tend to support all kinds of artistic expressions by attending events and exhibitions, or by creating cultural spaces. Many of the artists that live in Los Mochis have workshops where they display and sell their work.

Los Mochis also has a number of large shopping malls, making retail therapy very tempting in the city.


Handicrafts in Los Mochis - Bules"Bules" are pumpkin-shaped fruits with a wide base and an elongated end. Local artisans recreate scenes on the surface of the fruit using a pre-Colombian technique where the surface is scratched, marked and polished with the use of flint, then engraved using a hot wand. In some cases the piece is incrusted with shells, gold leaf, or precious stones. The bule is treated with chemicals to preserve the wood, to avoid the environment, bugs, and germs from harming it. It is strengthened by a wood petrifaction process that extends its longevity, with tests proving that a piece can last from 60 to 500 years. Pick up a souvenir for life during your next vacation in Los Mochis.

Downtown Los Mochis

Los Mochis ShoppingA peaceful walk through downtown Los Mochis can turn into a pleasant surprise when you find a perfect souvenir of your time in the city. Here you'll find lots to choose from, and something for all budgets.

Gabriel Leyva Solano Street

Leyvazo in Los MochisIt's customary for the people of Los Mochis to enjoy a stroll around "Leyvazo", as it is fondly known. Department stores, boutiques, and fantastic restaurants and bars are just some of the places to explore here, while you discover how the locals live in the city.

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