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Restaurants in Los Angeles, USA: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

The city of Los Angeles offers options as diverse as the people who inhabit this megalopolis, reflecting in the culinary creations this wondrous passion for food. There are options for all budgets and tastes, whether it's starting the day with a delicious breakfast or curbing your hunger with a luxurious lunch or fantastic dinner. There are also many restaurants that offer indoor as well as outdoor areas, thanks to the fabulous weather of this city.

Many establishments offer late closing hours so that those who enjoy the nightlife that Los Angeles provides can party comfortably. Take note that the majority of the restaurants require a reservation, especially in peak hours, so make one and reduce your wait. The search for excellent food has give way to infinity of flavor fusions for incredible gastronomical experiences. Healthy competition helps with the creation of better and tastier dishes where the sure winner will be your palate.

Angelini Osteria

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

"Osteria" is an Italian word that means "tavern." Usually in an "osteria," you can enjoy provincial food from Italy and savor exquisite wines to accompany your dish. In Angelino Osteria, you can find pizza, salads, meat dishes, pasta, and many other tasty Italian cuisine choices. Located in the north of the city, near La Brea, this restaurant has managed to keep its popularity with the public with its excellent cuisine and wonderful service.

A.O.C. Wine Bar

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This is a true paradise for wine lovers as there is a wide selection for an excellent pairing between dish and drink, with everything from a fine cheese and cold cuts to intricately seasoned fish, chicken and baked vegetable dishes, as well as many other gourmet choices. Ask for your wine by the glass, half a glass or by the bottle. A world of flavors and aromas that are worth pairing can be found here, along with the recommendations of the expert waiters, who will be your guides during your visit.


Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

When you pass by Beverly Boulevard on your next trip to Los Angeles, take advantage of the opportunity to live as large as movie star, a rock star or a sports star in this famous restaurant where you can find a wonderful menu that changes weekly, along with the signature dishes of this restaurant. Enjoy the mix of flavors with the ingredients of the season, excellently prepared with creative touches that make the difference in the cuisine offered here.

Harold and Belle's

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This restaurant has received multiple awards for its cuisine, which offers the best of Louisiana's Creole cooking in cosmopolitan Los Angeles. You'll find incredibly tasty dishes like Chicken Creole, Catfish Poboy, Shrimp Ryan and the classic Jambalaya, in different serving sizes. Since 1969, this restaurant has been offering excellent dishes and service to patrons, from its beginnings as a bar to the important restaurant it is now. The generous portions, the delicious food and the incredible service are the key to the success of this restaurant.


Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This Asian food restaurant has four locations in the city of Los Angeles and is notable for its completely modern atmosphere. It is the creation of the famous industrial designer, Philippe Starck (who is an associate of Katsuya) along with CEO Sam Nazarian and executive chef Katsuya Uechi, renowned expert in Asian cuisine. Rest assured that your lunch or dinner in Katsuya will be a completely enjoyable experience for your five senses.

Langer's Delicatessen Restaurant

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This legendary restaurant in downtown Los Angeles is a California classic and has survived since the 50s for its delicious pastrami and roast beef sandwiches, as well as its wonderful American-style breakfasts and lunches. Order your food to go or enjoy it in this fabulous American style deli diner. The service will make you feel like a part of the Langer family, who still supervise the quality of their products and makes sure that the experience of every patron of the restaurant is an excellent one.

The Little Door

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

Upon entering this unique restaurant, you will feel its charm draw you in. There are several areas, such as the Patio, the Winter Garden, the Piano Room and the Blue Room, where you can dine in and enjoy the scenery. The European countryside atmosphere works well with the exquisite Mediterranean food that has been creatively adapted for a completely enjoyable dining experience. The chef puts together fresh ingredients and spices of the season for a healthy harmony in each dish. Great examples of this are the gazpacho and the couscous "royal" with stewed lamb and chicken. You'll want to come back over and over again.

Osteria Mozza

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

Osteria MozzaThe type of food served here is Italian and will please the palate with the one of a kind creations of the house. The Osteria Mozza offers concepts such as the mozarella bar, where the chef prepares any cheese dish that includes ingredients like mozarella, burrata, cocconcini, straciatella and many more. This restaurant is completely exclusive so you will often find celebrities. So enjoy the view, whether it's while sitting on the terrace which faces Melrose Avenue, next to the windows or by the wall of wine bottles.

Pizzeria Mozza

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This pizzeria is a part of the Mozza group (see Osteria Mozza), which offers an explosion of flavors and colors, reflecting the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the extraordinary touch of the chef, an expert baker and the wonderful taste of an either a soft or crunchy pizza crust, covered with fresh, quality ingredients. The ambiance is perfect for lunch or dinner engagements with friends. Accompany your pizza with one of the 50 options of Italian wines available that will give your food the perfect touch.


Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This is one of the most renowned seafood restaurants in Los Angeles, known for its simple food presentation and its excellent food preparation. It also offers wonderful service and a selection of wine from different parts of the world, shown in an elegant wine cellar that is well decorated. Providence is a place inspired in the abundance of life on the coast but with a touch of exclusivity that this excellent gourmet cooking gives it.


Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

This sushi restaurant is located in Brentwood where you can enjoy an excellent selection of sushi, which includes crab rolls, salmon and much more. You can opt to sit at a table or at the bar, where you can watch the chefs of Sasabune artistically prepare delicious dishes and rolls. Try the Omakase or the chef's special. This is definitely a wonderful option for lunch or dinner in Los Angeles.


Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

You can find fresh fish and seafood in the sushi served here at this casual, yet fun, ambiance in either the Brentwood location or in Marina del Rey. The chef, Kazunori Nozawa, is known for his legendary sushi in Los Angeles and has established this restaurant to renovate the concept of sushi by incorporating Japanese artistry into the dishes. Served in an ambiance that is modern and comfortable, come and treat your taste buds with this culinary delight. Take advantage of the "Trust Me" menu and enjoy.

Wolfang Puck Bar & Grill

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

Wolfgang Puck is the well known chef that heads this and various other restaurants here in the downtown area of Los Angeles. Here, the concept of the grill is revolutionized, bringing it closer to gourmet cuisine through excellent preparation and incredible surroundings, designed especially to create a cultured atmosphere of hospitality in which you can enjoy your meal completely. The menu includes classic dishes by Chef Puck, which you can enjoy while snacking at the bar or seated at a table for a lavish family dinner. The main course of this restaurant is the culinary experience.

Recommended Restaurants by zone:

Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

Santa Monica & The Beaches

  • Melisse Restaurant (French-American)
  • JiRaffe (Italian, French, American)
  • Joe's Restaurant (French)
  • Capo (Italian)
  • Josie Restaurant (American)
  • Musha Restaurant (Japanese)
  • One Pico Restaurant (Mediterranean)
  • Lares Restaurant (Mexican)
  • La Bottle Ristorante (Italian)
  • Fritto Misto (Italian)
  • Sapori Ristorante (Italian)
  • Agra Indian Kitchen (Indian)
  • Darren's Restaurant (American)
  • Petros Greek Cuisine and Lounge (Greek, Mediterranean)
  • C&O Cucina (Italian)
  • Rock'N Fish (Seafood)
  • Gjelina (American)
  • Jer-ne Restaurant + Bar (Gourmet)
  • Szechwan Restaurant (Chinese)
Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

West Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

  • Matsuhisa (Sushi / Japanese)
  • Urasawa (Sushi / Japanese)
  • The Restaurant at the Getty Center (American)
  • Totoraky (Japanese)
  • Spago (American)
  • Taj Mahal of India (Indian, Pakistani)
  • Pomodoro Trattoria (Italian)
  • Lawry's the Prime Rib (Meat)
  • Meals by Genet (Ethiopian)
  • Palmeri Ristorante (Italian)
  • Max Restaurant (Fusion American-Asian)
  • Il Pastaio Restaurant (Italian)
  • Grean India Cafe (India, Pakistani)
  • The Great Greek (Greek)
Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA


  • Providence (Seafood, American)
  • India's Flavor (Indian, Pakistani)
  • Ruen Pair Restaurant (Thai)
  • Carousel Restaurant (Middle East)
  • Far Niente Ristorante (Italian)
  • Gisarole Restaurant & Takeout (Italian)
  • Jitlada Thai Restauant (Thai)
  • Red Corner Asia (Thai)
  • Yai Restaurant (Thai)
  • Mario's Peruvian & Seafood (Latin American)
Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA


  • Swoowon Galbi Korean BBQ (Korean BBQ)
  • Aroma Restaurant (Italian)
  • Pure Luck Restaurant (Vegetarian)
  • Seongbukdong (Korean)
  • Sompun Thai Restaurant (Thai)
  • Atlacatl Restaurant (Latin American)
  • Chunju Han-Il Kwan (Korean)
  • Cru (Vegetarian)
  • Pacific Dining Car (Seafood, Meat)
  • Dong Il Jang Restaurant (Korean)
Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

San Fernando Valley

  • Sri Siam Cafe (Thai)
  • El Criollo Restaurant (Cuban)
  • Noho's Royal Garden (Mediterranean, Persian, Iranian)
  • Krua Thai Restauran (Thai)
  • Meesap Thai Restaurant (Thai)
  • Guantanamera Restaurant (Cuban)
  • Passage to India (Indian, Paquistani)
  • Mercado Buenos Aires (Argentinian)
  • Lotus Vegan (Vegetarian)
  • Third Olive Restaurant (American)
Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

Pasadena & Surrounding Areas

  • Cafe Beauiolais (French)
  • Bistro 45 (French-American)
  • Daisy Mint (Fusion Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai)
  • Saladang (Thai)
  • Maison Akira (French-Japanese)
  • Saladang Song (Thai)
  • Parkway Grill (Gourmet)
  • Gale (Italian)
  • Cafe Linda's (Thai)
  • La Grande Orange Cafe (Gourmet)
Restaurants in Los Angeles, California, USA

South of Los Angeles

  • Sanuki No Sato (Japanese)
  • Neil's Pasta & Seafood Grill (Italian)
  • Papadakis Taverna (Greek, Mediterranean)
  • Shin Sem Gumi Yakitori (Japanese)
  • Papa Cristos C&K Importing (Greek)
  • Chichen Itza Restaurant (Mexican)
  • Manas Indian Cuisine (Indian, Pakistani)
  • Mo-Chica (Latin American)
  • Rafaello Ristorante (Italian)
  • Bacaro L.A. (Italian)

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