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Shopping in LoretoLoreto offers a wide variety of goods, including everything from modest handicrafts decorated with shells from the region, jewelry, ceramics, and silver, to sophisticated art, paintings, sculptures, and rustic furnishings.

There aren't any large shopping malls in Loreto and though the stores tend to be smaller, they do sell good quality products. They provide friendly service and almost all of them accept credit cards or traveler checks. The majority of the stores are located on the cobbled streets in downtown Loreto.

Casa de la Abuela

Casa de la Abuela

Located on the corner of Salvatierra and Misioneros, Casa de la Abuela is a beautiful colonial style property made from adobe bricks. One of the oldest buildings in Loreto, this shopping complex offers everything from items for children and leather goods to Mexican rugs.



El Alacran

El Alacran Art GalleryThis is one of the most diverse and well-equipped stores in Loreto. Here you can purchase sculptures, paper mache handicrafts, silver, t-shirts, sweaters, and hand-died shorts. It also has an art gallery where you can purchase original paintings and photographs


Shop in Loreto

This store is located at the corner of Independencia and Salvatierra. Here you'll be able to purchase handicrafts from the different regions of Mexico, decorative candles, sculptures, shawls, silver jewelry, hand-woven baskets, and large Talavera ceramic dishes.






At Lunenoma you'll find jewelry made from silver and gold, as well as a collection of jewelry made with precious stones and crystals. Other things you can purchase here include goods made by the locals, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using shells from the region.

Silver Desert

Silver Desert Store in Loreto

Located in Paseo Salvatierra, Silver Desert features a number of stores offering the most diverse and comprehensive collection of excellent quality silver jewelry, including necklaces, chains, pendants, and earrings, as well as 925 and 950 silver rings.




El Vesubio

El Vesubio Shop in Loreto

Located on Paseo Madero, this establishment offers a wide variety of Mexican works of art for you to decorate your home with, as well as handicrafts, picture frames, and rustic wood and wrought iron furnishings.



Deportes Blazer

Sport and Fishing ShopThis store on Paseo Hidalgo specializes in fishing equipment like rods, bait, and tackle, while also offering snorkeling and diving gear, such as wetsuits, masks, and fins. They also sell sports accessories, along with clothing and toys for the beach

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