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Loreto at Sunset

After a fun day exploring the attractions of Loreto, swimming, and sun tanning, don't pass up the chance to discover the wide variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes in downtown. Every Friday night there is a Bohemian Night in the city's main square, during which lots of artists come together to present concerts, folk dances, and cultural events, with a different theme every week.

Given the imposing mountain backdrop of Sierra de la Giganta, the sunset creates an incredible landscape for you to admire from Loreto. So, if you prefer peace and Mother Nature to the chaos of big nightclubs, this is a great way to start off an amazing evening.


Loreto Boardwalk

In the evening you'll normally see the locals walking along the boardwalk, enjoying the sunset and the soft ocean breeze. Tourists, retired expats, and people from the city all come together here to socialize and people watch; in fact the nightlife in Loreto is based around the boardwalk area, as it's where you'll find lots of restaurants, bars, and cantinas.



Bars, Cantinas and Lounges

Bars in Loreto

Loreto's bars and cantinas tend to have a casual, relaxed atmosphere, ideal for hanging out, chatting, and listening to laid-back music. Almost all of them have Happy Hour promotions, where you can enjoy a beer or cocktail as you admire the beautiful views of the sea.


Tatemadas Clams

There are countless restaurants in Loreto, ranging from taco stands in the street to fusion cuisine restaurants serving delicious, original specialty dishes made from fresh seafood and local produce. The evening is the busiest time of day for the restaurants, as lots of locals and tourists prefer to eat out and enjoy a pleasant evening with their partner or friends.

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