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Attractions in Lima, Peru: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Lima, Peru

Lima is a city full of artistic and cultural treasures, as well as innumerable places of entertainment. The Limenos are cheerful people that will make any traveler who has the opportunity to visit this beautiful city, feel at home.

In Lima, there is always something to do and places to discover. This charming city is also known as the "city of kings" for its numerous pre-Columbian buildings, fountains, museums and colonial plazas. Spend some time and walk down its streets for a true plunge into the local culture. In addition, Lima is modern and has large shopping centers, lovely parks, a vibrant nightlife and gourmet restaurants.

Las Leyendas Park

Attractions in Lima, Peru

If you are traveling with your family, a great place to visit is the Las Leyendas Recreational Park, located in the San Miguel district. It contains one of the best collections of plants and exotic animals from the Amazonian jungles of Peru. The park offers playgrounds for children, an aquarium, interactive tours to see live animals, walks by the botanical gardens and educational exhibitions to learn more about the history of Peru. It also features gift shops and outdoor restaurants.

Museum of Gold

Attractions in Lima, Peru

Another famous tourist attraction in Lima is the world-renowned Museum of Gold. This museum contains perhaps the best collection in the world of Inca and pre-hispanic artifacts made of gold. The museum is divided into different areas, each exhibiting art made of gold and silver. Admire the collections of jewelry, funeral masks, necklaces, idols, precious stones, ceramic pieces and traditional clothing used by the Inca, Mochica, ChiMu and Vicus cultures. These collections show the extraordinary knowledge and methods for working metals used by the ancient inhabitants of Peru.

Caral Archeological Site

Attractions in Lima, Peru

The archaeological site of Caral is located on the outskirts of the city of Lima. This ancient marvel is 5,000 years old and was a holy city originally known by the name of Chupacigarro. It is the most important archaeological site related to the Caral civilization. The excavations have revealed impressive buildings and pyramids distributed in an approximate area of over 160 acres. The largest pyramid is 59 feet tall and is one of the main structures to see and admire. The UNESCO considers this archaeological site the cradle of civilization due to its extreme antiquity.

Historic Center

Attractions in Lima, Peru

The city's historic center is full of architectural treasures. Plan ahead and make sure to bring comfortable shoes because you will find so many interesting places and buildings while walking through the old cobblestone streets that you'll probably be on your feet for quite a bit. Some of the many places you can visit are: the Plaza de Armas, which houses many works of art; the Governor's Palace, which contains many of the artifacts used by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro; the Cathedral of Lima, boasting a beautiful baroque style; the Osambela House, with its famous wood carved balconies; and Plaza San Martin, which has beautiful monuments and gardens.

Amano Museum

Attractions in Lima, Peru

This interesting archaeological museum features an impressive variety of ancient pieces from the private collection of its founder, Mr. Yoshitaro Amano. This impressive display of Peruvian art is mainly shown in two chambers. The first exhibits ceramic pieces from the ChiMu, Cunispique, Kotosh, Moche, Nazca cultures, among others. The second exhibits a valuable collection of textiles and fabrics, most used by the Chancay culture. They are categorized and displayed in crystal cases specially designed for this purpose. The museum has the necessary equipment for their display and preservation. This museum features archaeological pieces from different areas of Peru, especially from the Chancay Valley.

El Silencio Beach

Attractions in Lima, Peru

El Silencio Beach is located 44 km to the south of Lima. It is one of the busiest beaches in the city because of its beautiful white sand and year-round excellent weather. This place is synonymous with family fun and water sports. During the summer months, it's filled with music and vendors offering handicrafts, ceviche and palm leaf hats. In the evenings, the locals gather at this beach with friends and family, giving it a lively and entertaining ambiance. Along the coast, you can find picturesque restaurants that specialize in seafood and an area that is renowned for its brilliant nightlife.

Religious Art Museum

Attractions in Lima, Peru

To learn more about the history of Peru, the Museum of Religious Art, located in the Basilica Cathedral of Lima, is an absolute must. The conquistadors not only brought weapons and methods of construction, but also their beliefs and religious values. The museum was created in 1974 and displays pieces from the Cathedral of Lima, as well as items from private collections. This fascinating museum is an institution under the management of the Metropolitan Council of Lima, which is a private organization interested in promoting the artistic and historical heritage of the Cathedral. The museum is split up into areas which show the historical and cultural wealth of Lima during the 17th century. Important sections to visit are the gallery of the archbishops and the tomb of Francisco Pizarro, the lateral chapels and the church's choir.

Daytona Amusement Park

Attractions in Lima, Peru

You can find fun for children and adults at this amusement park, located near the city's historic center. It's ideal for the whole family and has beautiful landscapes and spacious gardens, making it a great place for a picnic. Daytona Park offers attractions for all ages and tastes, video games, carousels, fast food restaurants, candy vendors and a mini train for children that offers tours around the park. For the older kids, there are more action-oriented rides and attractions, such as bumper cars, laser tag and miniature Indy car racing. As you can see, this family-friendly park has plenty of entertaining activities for everyone.

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