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Welcome to Lima

Peru, land of the Inca Empire, is a country full of history and ancient ruins, along with beautiful churches and town squares built by the Spanish conquistadors. Lima is the capital and largest city in Peru. It's a coastal city, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and it extends all the way to the valleys of the river Chillon.

Lima was founded in 1535 as the "The City of the Kings" and was the capital of Peru during the time when the Spanish ruled. After its independence, in 1821, it became the capital of the Republic of Peru, which is the third largest country in South America.

History of Lima

Welcome to Lima

Lima is the capital city of Peru and it was founded by the famous Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. The king of Spain around that time looked at Lima not only as a city of great economic potential, but also as a strategic location to conquer and extend the country's political and religious power over South America.

Welcome to Lima

You can admire the architectural heritage left by the Spanish conquerors in the beautiful buildings located in the historic center. Lima was originally designed as an easily accessible city that could establish trade routes with other cities and lands. Pizarro spared no expense and built government buildings and squares, to reflect the power and the culture of the Spanish Crown.

Welcome to Lima

At the time of the Viceroyalty of Peru, Lima's upper classes enjoyed a magnificent and opulent court life. The authority of the viceroy, as a representative of the Spanish monarchy, was particularly important because he provided the opportunity to own land and to obtain political power for newcomers from Spain. Many of these Spaniards arrived in the city in search of a career in the colonial administration.

Lima Today

Welcome to Lima

Lima today is a vibrant city that's full of energy. It features all the services of a large metropolis, but has the charisma of a small, friendly town. Helped by its colonial beauty and strategic location near the coast, the city has become a popular place for important industries, corporate buildings and high-end hotels. Lima's rapid economic growth makes it an excellent area for foreign investment, 5-star hotels and high-value properties.

Welcome to Lima

Full of charm and with plenty of artistic treasures, the city has a rich history which is fascinating to discover. The historic center still has its old cobblestone streets, churches and romantic colonial atmosphere. Many of the old houses still have their wooden balconies and unique baroque facades. The municipality of Lima has sought to preserve the old buildings of the republican era, which provide a unique flavor to this area of the city.

Welcome to Lima

Lima is a fascinating city, ready to impress visitors with its many colonial treasures and amazing architecture. This is a city that combines its beautiful cultural past with a new economic, tourist and cultural development. It features excellent shopping malls, parks, and universities, along with a thriving tourist industry and very friendly people.

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