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Shopping in Leon

Known as the Shoe Capital of the World, Leon is home to major companies like Emyco, Grupo Flexi and Zapaterias 3 Hermanos. Throughout the city, you’ll find modern shopping malls and outlet stores along with street stalls that sell shoes. Leather goods such as bags, wallets, belts and other fashion accessories are also sold here.

Zona Piel

Zona Piel in Leon

One of the most famous shopping areas in the city, this is where you’ll find a variety of footwear, apparel and leather goods. Some of the most popular products sold here are the handmade cowboy boots that are beautifully embroidered with unique designs.

Plaza del Zapato

Plaza del Zapato

This mall was originally established for the exclusive sale of shoes and was the first Latin American shopping venue to specialize in footwear as well as the largest in Mexico. Today, you can also purchase sports and casual wear along with fashion accessories like high quality handbags.

Galería del Zapato

Galeria del Zapato

La Galeria del Zapato (Shoe Gallery) is located within the Centro Max shopping mall. As suggested by the name, this is a great place to find footwear.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in Leon

This popular Leon plaza features specialist shoe shops as well as numerous stores that sell brand name items, making it a popular option for both tourists and locals.

Línea de Fuego

Shopping in Leon

This Sunday market offers a variety of clothing and footwear along with stalls that sell traditional local snacks. This is also a great place to learn more about the area from locals who frequent the market.


Mulza Outlet

This outlet shopping center is often filled with people looking for great deals. Many of the modern shops offer low prices on exclusive brands of shoes or other leather products.


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