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Nightlife in Leon

The nightlife in Leon is as varied as its attractions. As you walk through the streets you’ll find bars and musical styles to suit all tastes. People dressed in jeans and Texas style cowboy hats show off their moves and signature ranch flair while other nightclubs offer current hits and DJs that keep you entertained throughout the night. You can also enjoy jazz and Latin rhythms along with live rock performances.

For those who would prefer to just head out and explore the city, there are famous districts with plenty of bars and nightclubs to visit, including downtown Leon and Plaza Campestre, located near Metropolitan Park. Situated in the area surrounding Plaza Mayor, the Zona Dorada(Golden Zone) is also a popular area for locals who wish to enjoy an evening out.

Zona Dorada in Leon

Don’t forget to check what's on at the Guanajuato Cultural Forum or the Poliforum, as many local and national performers choose to visit Leon on their tours, due to the city's large population.

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