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Located in the region of El Bajio, Leon is the seventh most populous metropolitan area in the country and is also considered one of the most important Mexican cities due to the international businesses that surround it. Nationally, it is ranked fourth in business tourism because of its prosperous economy and its capacity for hosting grand events.

Leon is known as the Shoe Capital of the World thanks to its prominent role in the manufacturing and exporting of these essential products. The city is continually progressing and historic structures are intermixed with modern buildings, wide boulevards and high-end urban and tourist amenities.

Footwear Industry

Tourism in Leon

The tradition of producing footwear in the city dates back to the twentieth century, when small family workshops were constructed in Leon. Little by little they learned new business strategies and improved productivity, leading to the establishment of the large companies that we know today. The importance of this industry has resulted in Leon manufacturing more than half of the shoes made in Mexico and the export of millions of shoes worldwide.

Attracting businessmen and tourists who travel exclusively to shop, Leon offers quality shoes for the whole family in the Zona Piel (an area with leather goods) and the modern shopping centers located throughout the city.

Leon Profile

  • Known as the Shoe Capital of the World due to the strength of its local industry.
  • A major producer of leather goods.
  • One of the most populated cities in Mexico and a major player in the national economy.
  • Features modern facilities and business services for large events and conventions.
  • The site of famous celebrations, including the Leon Fair, the Balloon Festival and the Rally Guanajuato Mexico
  • Often chosen as a site for transnational companies.
  • Outstanding in foreign trade thanks to the industrial area called Guanajuato Puerto Interior.

Things to do in Leon

  • Purchase shoes and leather goods at shopping venues throughout the city.
  • Walk through the historic center and admire the city’s oldest buildings.
  • Admire the impressive neo-gothic architecture of the Expiatory Temple.
  • Tour the Poliforum circuit, where you’ll find the fairgrounds and the Explora Science Center.
  • Try guacamayas(tortas with hard pork rinds and hot sauce) accompanied by cebadina, a traditional drink.
  • Enjoy outdoor recreation at Leon Metropolitan Park.
  • Should your visit coincide with the Leon Fair or the International Balloon Festival, make sure you don’t miss these memorable celebrations.


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