La Romana, Dominican Republic

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Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Most of the places for shopping in La Romana, in the Dominican Republic,are within the resorts, where you can get an ample range of products from theDominican artisans as well as designer clothes from exclusive boutiques. However, there are also a few places outside the resorts where you can get agood variety of souvenirs, and it's also a chance to mix with the locals.

Casa de Campo

Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic

The marina, at the Casa de Campo complex,features quite a lot of stores and gift shops where tourists are able to get afew nice souvenirs from the island, as well as high quality handcrafts. Furthermore, Marina Casa de Campo is home to exclusive boutiques, such as thestore owned by Jenny Polanco, who was a popular beauty queen in the Dominican Republicback in the seventies.

Altos de Chavon

Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Altos de Chavon is a rustic villagesituated on a hillside. Besides the restaurants and bars, the village alsofeatures many galleries, handcraft shops, boutiques, gift shops and more. Walkalong the cobblestone streets and enjoy the charming atmosphere that prevailshere, in La Romana'smost artistic area.

Yina Bambu Shop

Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Just outside of La Romana there is a placecalled Yina Bambu Shop, which is a large store that's very popular withtourists. Here you can get pieces made of carved wood, paintings, local woodenmusical instruments, Dominican music, and jewels made of amber and larimar(which is a blue version of pectolite).

Limon Shopping Center

Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic

At this shopping center you can get fruitsand vegetables from the area and it's also an excellent place to purchasehandcrafts made by Dominican artisans. You'll definitely find a few colorfulgifts and maybe a few pieces for yourself. Visiting here is also a goodopportunity to interact with the people from La Romana and get an insightinto their rich culture.


Shopping in La Romana, Dominican Republic

JUMBO is a huge store specializing in foodand services. This is a great place for finding all the basic services, such asbanks, a photo lab, drug stores and a doctor. It's also a good place to findproducts that are not necessities but still important, like clothes, cigars and of course, souvenirs.

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