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Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurantes en La Paz, Bolivia

The cuisine in La Paz is rich and varied, full of flavor and Bolivian flair. Here, potatoes are the star ingredient, used often as part of a regional dish or as a popular side, especially freeze-dried potatoes known locally as "chuno". Bolivian cuisine is renowned for its deep roots with Spanish, Moorish and indigenous beginnings. Throughout time, various new dishes and recipes have been added to the country's long list of delicacies.

Traditional Food

Restaurants in  La Paz, Bolivia

Don't miss out on the most traditional meals in La Paz, including:

  • Chairo, a hearty soup made with chuno, lamb, vegetables and herbs.
  • Plato Paceno, made with maize, potato, beans and cheese, accompanied by a spicy salsa.
  • Humacha Cheese, prepared with yellow aji chile, maize and potato.
  • Jakhonta, made with beef, chuno, potato, cabbage leaves and onion, seasoned with oregano.
  • Fricase, soup made with pork, white maize and chuno, seasoned with yellow aji chile.
  • Thimpu, made with lamb, potato, rice, aji salsa, onion, peas and beans.

Traditional drinks include fermented corn "chicha" and "singani", an alcoholic beverage made with grape and frequently used to prepare cocktails in La Paz.

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