Joinville, Brazil

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Located in southern Brazil, near the Sierra del Mar mountain range, Joinville is filled with innumerable ecotourism attractions thanks to its vast amount of eco parks and plazas, amazing trails and stunning rural areas. The city features a comfortable average annual temperature of 72 degrees, along with beautiful green areas and plant life. Joinville is also well-known for its diverse nightlife, cultural shows, business events and fairs, held throughout the year.


Joinville, Brazil

Joinville is considered the largest and most populated city in the state of Santa Catarina, with a diverse economy housing various important companies. Some of these companies even allow access to the public so that visitors can learn more about their development. With the economic growth in Joinville over the past few years, the city began to build a variety of beautiful hotels. Its hotels are some of the best in the state, with many options for all sorts of budgets. Joinville is a city known for its charm and tranquility, and tourism here has become popular thanks to the many attractions for youth, adults and children alike. In terms of business, Joinville offers enormous event spaces, like the Expoville Complex, the Cau Hansen Event Center (one of the largest in Latin America) and the Joinville Arena.

Joinville, Brazil

The city hosts many events and fairs throughout the year. One of the most important is the Festival de Danca (a ballet dance festival), the largest in the world with more than 4,000 ballerinas. The Fenachopp (beer festival) and the Festa das Flores (Flower Festival) are also immensely popular. At the city's events, you can experience traditional local cuisine, along with Brazil's history and culture. In Joinville, there are many things to see. Visit this amazing city and bring home incredible memories of southern Brazil.

The Beginnings of Joinville

Joinville, Brazil

In 1843, Portuguese Princess Francisca of Brazil, daughter of Pedro I, married French Prince Francois d'Orleans (known as the "prince of Joinville"). As was customary in that time, the prince received a dowry of 53 square miles of land, known today as Joinville. When the prince began to experience financial troubles, he sold 17 square miles of this land to the German Colonial Society. A population project was then begun on this territory, which took on the name of Joinville in 1852 in honor of its original owner, the prince of Joinville.

Joinville, Brazil

Here you'll find incredible examples of the cultural and architectural heritage that was brought to the area by European colonists, who left their mark in the many buildings still found throughout the city today. One house in particular was built for the prince and princess of Joinville, although they never lived in it; today, it houses the National Immigration and Colonization Museum.

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