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Restaurants in Joao Pessoa, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Joao Pessoa is found in an arid region and normally the cuisine that comes from such places are very strong tasting and energy packed. The menu is pretty varied and includes "carne de sol", "feijao-verde" (green beans), "galinha caipira" (free range chicken), "arroz de leite" (rice with cream), "feijao-de-corda com carne de bode" (beans with goat meat), "rabacao" (beans, rice, beef jerky and a salty cheese called coalho), "baiao de dois" (rice, beans and coalho cheese), "pacoca" (cooked beef jerky mixed with yucca flour), "fava" (beans), "buchada de bode" (goat entrails cooked in its own stomach with a bit of lime juice) and "sarapatel" (dish made with goat or pig entrails).

For dessert, there is the "pamonha" (a type of sweet batter pastry), tapioca, grilled coalho cheese with cane sugar syrup and "coalhada com rapadura y alfenim" (another sweet that is also made with sugar cane syrup).

For those who are not accustomed to strong flavors, these dishes can be a shock to the system for some but they are, without a doubt, a fantastic gastronomical experience for the palate. Of course, there are also restaurants that serve salads and even the typical "rodizios" (a fixed price establishment that keeps serving food unless indicated otherwise). Don't forget to ask for a "caipirinha" (a typical alcoholic beverage) or a refreshing coconut milk.

Restaurants with Typical Brazilian Fare

Caipirinha, Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil

On the Joao Pessoa Pier, near the Tambau Hotel, there are dozens of booths and restaurants that serve typical dishes, many of which are made with seafood and fish, at very accessible prices. Mangai is a notable choice for its extraordinary buffet with regional food. The Tabua de Carne is another popular choice among both locals and tourists. The serving sizes are abundant and tasty, offering menu service or a "rodizio" (a serving style in restaurants that keeps serving food until you indicate otherwise) at affordable prices.


Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil
  • Bessa Grill
  • Sal e Brasa
  • Restaurante Mandacaru Grill
  • Restaurante Casa de Sitio
  • Executivo Grill


Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil


Emporio Gourmet


Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Apetitto Trattoria

Divina Italia

Fish and Sea food

Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Terraco Brasil

Camarao da Praia


Itialian food, Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Casa do Bacalhau


Restaurants in Joao Pessoa Brazil
  • Porto Madeiro
  • Fidalgo
  • Gulliver
  • Adega do Alfredo (located in Hotel Royal Praia)

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