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Attractions in Joao Pessoa, Brazil: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Set in a beautiful corner of Brazil, there's a place that will take your breath away with its stunning natural surroundings, its impressive infrastructure and the hospitality of its people. Here you'll find the Ponta do Seixas, situated on the far eastern point of the South American continent.

Reserves for native plant life along with nature parks make Joao Pessoa one of the greenest city's in South America. The Botanical Garden, for example, is the second largest Atlantic Forest reserve within a Brazilian city. Joao Pessoa is well-known for being peaceful, safe and clean, filled with beautiful gardens.

In Joao Pessoa, you can also see the delta where the river flows out into the ocean, beaches with colorful hills as a backdrop, indigenous reserves, historic monuments and environmental projects, including sea turtle protection programs.


Carnaval, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

In the northern part of the city, you'll come across natural attractions like Areia Vermelha (a stunning sand bank that can be seen at low tide), and the beautiful sunset on Jacare beach, an amazing display of romanticism and beauty.

Carnaval, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Toward the south, you can find the Costa das Piscinas, featuring beautiful beaches like Tambaba, the only nudist beach in northeastern Brazil. This unique spot is divided into two separate areas by natural barriers: the family-oriented tourism beach (where nudity is prohibited) and the reserved area (where covering up is prohibited). Every day at five in the afternoon, when the sun begins to set, many bars along the beach play the Bolero de Ravel. The beauty of this region will leave you speechless.

Carnaval, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

On Tambau Beach, located downtown, make sure to visit Picaozinho, just over a mile from shore, where a coral reef is exposed during low tide. A visit to experience this natural phenomenon is the perfect addition to an amazing vacation.

Carnaval, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Joao Pessoa's proximity to so many beaches allows tourists to spend all day on the coast, surrounding themselves with paradise-like settings, relaxing all afternoon and experiencing the vibrant nighttime attractions.

Campina Grande

Beach, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

Located in Sierra de la Borburema, Campina Grande (the largest city in the state) stands out due to the popular yearly fair that takes place every June. This event is dedicated to the most popular saints in the northeastern region, lasting throughout the entire month and drawing in more than a million visitors a year. Bands play forro (a kind of native music) all month, and visitors can try delicious traditional corn-based dishes. Campina Grande also has ancient prints from prehistoric animals, and the Pedra de Itacoatiara, containing indecipherable drawings from more than 5,000 years ago.

Incredible Tours

Beach, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil

The city of Joao Pessoa has dozens of unique tours for visitors to enjoy. The most popular are:

  • Ponta do Seixas (Seixas Point). Considered to be the easternmost point in the Americas, Ponta do Seixas is situated near Cabo Branco Beach. You can reach it by car, by bus or on foot. It has various stands where you can buy coconut milk, sodas and beer.
  • Historic Downtown. Filled with beautiful examples of well-preserved Baroque architecture.
Beach, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil
  • Espaco Cultural Jose Lins do Rego: At this cultural center, you'll find a convention center, museums, movie theaters, show venues, a public libraryand a planetarium.
  • Sobrado dos Azulejos. An old residence known for its beautiful tiling and architecture
  • Casa de Vinos Tito Silva (Tito Silva Winehouse)
Beach, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil
  • Cruz da Menina (Cross of the Girl). A religious site visited by many regional pilgrims.
  • Estacao Cabo Branco Ciencia, Cultura e Artes. A center designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, filled with diverse attractions. From its lookout, you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Joao Pessoa's coastline.
Beach, Attractions in Joao Pessoa Brazil


  • Jose Americo's house, Sao Francisco Cultural Center, Epitacio Pessoa Crypt
  • Science Center
  • Jose Lins do Rego
  • Memorial Augusto dos Anjos
  • Museu Fotografico Walfredo Rodrigues

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