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Huatulco Shopping | Where to Shop and What to Buy

Beach VendorsStreet vendors, enchanting shops, markets and small kiosks are located throughout Huatulco.

Huatulco has plenty to offer those who adore local handicrafts and traditional keepsakes, including beautiful blouses and dresses embroidered in a Oaxacan style or black pottery made from a special clay found only in Oaxaca. You’ll also find fantastical figures known as “Alebrijes”, which are created out of wood, papier mache or pasta. These brightly decorated sculptures depict mythological creatures or animal chimeras and are classic examples of Oaxacan artwork.Handicrafts

At Plaza La Conchas in the Tangolunda area, you can purchase everything from basic items like suntan lotion or insect repellent to jewelry, clothing and souvenirs. Many of the larger hotels have their own shops; however places like Plaza Oaxaca and Plaza Madero in La Crucecita offer more competitive prices.

La Crucecita

La CrucecitaThe town of La Crucecita offers a great selection of merchandise and has a large market that sells popular items like silver, pottery, souvenirs, clothing and crafts. The town’s main plaza also has many other shops that provide a variety of merchandise at affordable prices.

Santa Cruz Market

Santa Cruz MarketRight by the plaza in La Crucecita is the Huatulco Market, also known as the Santa Cruz Market. This quaint shopping area brings together local traders, providing shoppers with a fantastic selection of silverware, souvenirs, pottery, clothing and other Mexican goods. You’ll also find a variety of raw ingredients that you can use to prepare delicious homemade Oaxacan dishes.

The Museum of Handicrafts

The Museum of HandicraftsVisit this La Crucecita museum and admire beautiful Oaxacan handicrafts. This unique shop features displays that describe how these unique pieces were created and present the biographies of some of the craftsmen. The shop specializes in masks, leather goods, embroidered textiles and other items that are made within the state of Oaxaca.


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