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Huatulco Cuisine | What to Eat in Huatulco

Huatulco CuisineThroughout Huatulco, you’ll find tempting dishes made with ingredients from the Oaxacan culture, including delicious Oaxaca mole, tlayudas, jerky and Oaxaca cheese.

With delicious lobster, shrimp and squid dishes, along with a variety of fish, Huatulco is perfect for seafood lovers.

Mexican and international specialties are served in many of the beach and downtown La Crucecita restaurants along with those located along the bays of Tangolunda, Chaque and Santa Cruz.

La Crucecita

A Meal in La CrucecitaThis village is in the heart of the Bays of Huatulco and offers everything from classic Mexican dishes and delicious local cuisine to exclusive restaurants that serve international cuisine. Most of the restaurants are situated around the plaza, creating a truly unforgettable Mexican atmosphere that you can enjoy throughout your meal.

Fish and Seafood on the Beach

Typical Fish DishThe restaurants in this area serve some of the best and freshest seafood. While exploring the bays, you can savor these enticing dishes as you relax under a thatched-roof palapa and enjoy incredible ocean views. These tempting seafood dishes can be found in the bays of Santa Cruz and San Agustin as well as in the town of La Crucecita.


MezcalThis traditional Oaxacan drink can be found at many locations throughout Huatulco. The liquor is obtained through the distillation of the agave or maguey stalk, and tequila is just one of the many types of mezcal that are available internationally. They vary in quality and cost depending on the distillation process used, and in La Crucecita you’ll find some of the finest varieties at great prices. Many of the hotels in Huatulco also offer excellent selections.


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