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Huatulco BeachesWith a great location amidst a lush and mysterious jungle, the exciting destination of Huatulco offers many natural attractions along with fantastic alternative tourism and ecotourism activities. Enjoy everything from hiking and bird watching to mountain biking and horseback riding. Of course, your trip wouldn’t be complete without taking a swim in the cool, clear waters of Mexico’s Pacific coast beaches.

Santa Cruz Bay

Santa Cruz BayThe birthplace of many Huatulco traditions, this part of the city is where you’ll find the beautiful beaches of La Entrega, Yerbabuena and Punta Santa Cruz. It has shopping malls, handicraft markets, nightclubs and restaurants as well as areas for diving and snorkeling. This bay is also the deep water dock for cruise ships and has a marina for yachts and fishing boats.

Tangolunda Bay

TangolundaOne of the most beautiful bays in Huatulco, this is where the majority of the hotels, residential neighborhoods and commercial developments can be found. The area is known for its recreational activities, sports and cuisine in addition to being the home of one of the best golf courses in the country, where you can admire incredible ocean views while you work on your swing.

Chahue Bay

Chahue BayThis bay has beautiful blue waters, three beaches and a valley that is home to La Crucecita, a traditional town with a main square that features a kiosk, a church, a craft shop, boutiques and restaurants.

Maguey Bay

Maguey BayWith gentle waves and a tranquil landscape, this bay is perfect for family vacations, aquatic activities, snorkeling, and motorized water sports. When you’re not cooling off in the water, the palapas are a great place for you to relax and enjoy fresh seafood or traditional local cuisine.


Diving in HuatulcoThe coastline that runs along the Bays of Huatulco is made up of beaches, cliffs, islets and coral reefs, providing divers with a variety of natural attractions to explore. The reefs at La Entrega beach, by Santa Cruz Bay, are ideal for novice divers or snorkeling, while the islands of Cacaluta and La Montosa are home to vibrant schools of colorful fish.

Tangolunda Golf Course

Golf in TangolundaNestled between the mountains and the ocean, Tangolunda Bay has one of the best golf courses on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This 18-hole, par 72 championship golf course offers a beautiful panoramic view of Tangolunda from the thirteenth hole.

Bocana Copalita Eco-Archeology Park

Bocana Copalita Eco-Archeology ParkThis ecological reserve is where you’ll find the Copalita archeological site, made up of pyramids, cemeteries, an old ball game court, and other structures that date back to 500 B.C. With a fascinating archeology museum that showcases the Zapotec and Mazatec cultures, the park is perfect for those who love history and nature. panoramic view of Tangolunda from the thirteenth hole.

Botazoo National Park

Botazoo National ParkThe fascinating flora and fauna of Oaxaca is both protected and admired within Botazoo National Park, which also features an archeology site in the Punta Celeste area. The trees here can grow up to 30 feet high and more than 220 species of tropical birds live freely within this natural ecosystem, making it ideal for avid bird watchers and nature lovers. The park is less than a mile away from the Bays of Huatulco.

Zimatan and Copalita Rivers

Zimatan and Copalita RiversTravel just a few minutes away from Huatulco to enjoy an exciting river raft ride that takes you through rocky landscapes, mountains and jungle terrain. Various tours provide participants with safety equipment and experienced guides. You’ll also have the chance to snorkel and discover the fresh water creatures that live in the more tranquil areas of the rivers.


Rappelling in CopalitaHuatulco is surrounded by steep mountains with rock faces that are ideal for climbing and rappelling. Punta Celeste in Botazoo National Park and the banks of the Copalita River have rock formations that are perfect for this extreme sport.


Surfing in HuatulcoThe best places for surfing are La Bocana beach, 15 minutes away from Huatulco, Mojon beach, 20 minutes from Huatulco, and Barra de la Cruz beach, located 40 minutes south of Huatulco. At many of the beaches, located along the Bays of Huatulco, you can even find instructors who will teach you how to mount your board and give you some tips and tricks.

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