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HuatulcoLocated on the southern part of Mexico’s Pacific coast, this beautiful paradise offers fabulous golden beaches and the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur as a backdrop. Huatulco’s secluded beaches are surrounded by more than 50,000 acres of lush vegetation and are situated alongside the brilliant blue waters of nine gorgeous bays.

The Bays of Huatulco are perfect for alternative tourism and ecotourism, as the surroundings offer the perfect landscapes for mountain, ocean and river activities as well as golf courses.

A Little Bit of History

La CrucecitaUntil the early 1980s, this interwoven group of nine bays had just one isolated village with no water or electricity that was accessible only by a dirt road. Today, the lively town of La Crucecita is home to bars, restaurants and affordable hotels.

In 1983, the first luxury hotels opened, quickly followed by the construction of the airport, a golf course and a marina. The area now has exclusive hotels located by Tangolunda; a marina and residential area in Chahue;restaurants, family recreational areas and a marina in Santa Cruz; and thatched-roof palapas, restaurants and excellent reef diving offered at San Agustin.

Huatulco Profile

  • Exotic beaches surrounded by jungle terrain and rock formations 
  • The ideal destination for extreme sports
  • World-class golf
  • One of the best areas for growing coffee beans
  • A family destination with activities for all ages
  • Sport fishing
  • Delicious fish and seafood

Things to do in Huatulco

  • Relax, work on your tan and swim at the wonderful beaches located by the city’s nine bays.
  • Visit the bays and explore Tangolunda, Santa Cruz and Conejos on any of the guided tours.
  • Take a walk through La Crucecita and purchase beautiful local handicrafts.
  • Join a kayaking or rafting tour on the Copalita River.
  • Enjoy adventure tourism while you explore the area’s mountains.
  • Rent a boat or yacht and go deep-sea fishing.
  • Scuba dive amidst beautiful bay reefs.
  • Practice your swing at the Tangolunda golf course.
  • Sample delicious regional cuisine at the local restaurants.
  • Don’t forget to try Oaxacan mezcal or Huatulco coffee!
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