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Hermosillo is a city with features and attractions that have made it an innovative, complete tourist destination that blends an ever-evolving hotel infrastructure, great cuisine, and culture with warm hospitality. A city with beautiful landscapes, it has an economy based on industry, agriculture, ranching, trade, and, in recent decades, tourism.

Hermosillo, Sonora

Watched over by a natural guardian, the mountain Cerro de la Campana, Hermosillo prides itself on its natural attributes: land that is mostly flat, but home to rivers, and close to the border with the United States. Here you'll find museums, churches, plazas, recreational parks, golf courses, and nightlife, as well as countless tourist attractions and activities nearby, such as beaches, cave paintings, hiking, hunting, birdwatching, mountain biking, and golf. It is also popular for treks into the mountains or the desert.

Business in Hermosillo

Business in HermosilloHermosillo has an excellent infrastructure for business travelers that includes industrial parks, a financial district, and the Expo Forum convention center, where you can hold everything from private social events to festivals and concerts. The city offers ground and air cargo transportation, a railway system, direct access to federal highways, and an international airport.

Hermosillo also has an impressive array of business hotels that offer business centers, guestrooms equipped with amenities designed for executives, and event space for all kinds of meetings.

Hermosillo Profile

  • An industrial city with a major share of the country's automotive industry
  • Excellent business infrastructure
  • Agriculture, ranching, trade, and tourism as the main economic activities
  • Excellent hotel infrastructure, with four hotel zones
  • Known for its cuisine, which is based on grilled meats and seafood
  • Host of major cultural events like dance, music, and literature festivals
  • Just an hour from Kino Bay and its beautiful beaches

Things to do in Hermosillo

  • Admire the city and the surrounding landscapes from the viewpoint at Cerro de la Campana
  • Visit the historic downtown area, the Sonora Museum, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption
  • Have fun with your family at La Sauceda Recreational Park, with its water features, mechanical games, and interactive children's museum.
  • Go to Villa de Seris and try a delicious "Coyota".
  • Enjoy a refreshing dip at the beaches of San Carlos and Kino Bay.
  • Purchase typical handicrafts made from ironwood.
  • Savor tasty grilled steaks or seafood specialty dishes.
  • Try hunting, mountain biking, and hiking in the area around Hermosillo.
  • Explore the traditional towns of the Sonora River Route.
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