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Guaymas San Carlos Shopping

In the area around Guaymas San Carlos there are no large shopping malls, except for a few department stores, but there are dozens of small shops located in downtown Guaymas and along Beltrones Boulevard in San Carlos. Founded in 1900, the municipal market of Guaymas offers a unique experience for the adventurous shopper in search of local items.



Handicrafts Guaymas, Sonora

Among the souvenirs you can bring home are original crafts made by the indigenous Seris and Yaquis, such as figurines carved from palo fierro wood, colorful necklaces, and bracelets made of shells, snails, and desert seeds. You’ll also find stone figures representing the plant and animal life of the region, figurines carved from palo blanco wood, woven items made from straw, small Yaqui dolls, and masks.


The curio shops in San Carlos offer all kinds of crafts and folk art from the many regions of Mexico, such as alebrijes (brightly painted fantastical creatures), masks, onyx figurines, dolls, jewelry, glassware, and numerous other items from all over the country.


Bacanora  Guaymas, Sonora

Another good gift is a bottle of Bacanora, the traditional liquor of Sonora. In the year 2000, it was awarded the “Denominacion de Origen,” a designation implying superior quality and recognizing the state of Sonora as the sole producer of this drink. This clear liquor is made from 100% agave and is similar to tequila or mescal.



Sea of Cortez Pearls 

Sea of Cortez Pearls

Another excellent and unique souvenir, albeit more costly, that you can find in Guaymas San Carlos, is the cultured pearl. Guaymas is home to the only pearl farm on the American continent that cultivates extraordinary pearls from the Sea of Cortez. After about two years, these beautiful pieces are acquired with the nacre, or innermost layer, measuring between 0.8 and 2.0 millimeters. The pearls have asymmetric and spherical shapes with 100% natural colors ranging from white and silver-gray to bronze or black along with different shades of green, purple, blue, gold and violet.

Other Places to go Shopping

Guaymas Stores

  • Galeria Bellas Artes (San Carlos): Jewelry, glassware, sculptures made of bronze, stone, and wood, as well as works by local and international artists.
  • Lourdes Gift Shop (San Carlos): A small shop with a wide variety of women’s accessories made from different materials, as well as clay and wood figurines by local craftsman.
  • Kiamy's (San Carlos): Offers a selection of Mexican crafts, figurines made of palo fierro wood, jewelry, and silver pieces.
  • Plaza Ley El Vigia (Guaymas): A small plaza located near the downtown area. 

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