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Guaymas San Carlos Nightlife | Things to do After Dark in Guaymas San Carlos

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Guaymas San Carlos Nightlife

The nightlife in Guaymas San Carlos is lively and fun, in keeping with the flavor of this peaceful region. It offers bars, pubs, cafes, pool halls, and several lounges and nightclubs, the majority of which are located in downtown Guaymas or on or around Beltrones Boulevard in San Carlos.




Guaymas San Carlos Nightlife

Bars, pubs, and pool halls are open daily, while the nightclubs are usually only open on the weekends. They stay open late and are frequented by locals and tourists alike. When you visit some of the nightspots in Guaymas San Carlos, don’t pass up the opportunity to try Bacanora, a traditional Sonoran drink that’s similar to mescal.


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