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Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The city of Guayaquil is filled with attractions for all kinds of travelers, with fascinating lakes, parks, museums, history, architecture and much more. Experience everything that characterizes this incredible city on your next trip to Ecuador.

El Malecon (The Boardwalk)

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

One highlight of the city is the beautiful Malecon, a boardwalk filled with historic monuments. This is the perfect place to learn about the city and country, with many museums and cultural centers. The Malecon is known for its beauty, adorned with gardens, fountains and wooded areas. Here, you'll also find shops, bars and restaurants, as well as boat tours during the day and evening.

Cerro Santa Ana (Santa Ana Hill)

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Don't miss out on this popular tourist attraction in Guayaquil. It has been a landmark for the city since its beginnings as a colonial settlement. Visitors can climb to the top, offering great views of the northern part of the city. At the peak you can also find shopping, bars, artisanry, kiosks and more.

Puerto Hondo

Attractions in Guayaquil, EcuadorThis is the perfect site for nature-loving travelers. At Puerto Hondo, you can discover a wide variety of Guayaquil's beautiful native plants and fascinating wildlife.

Guayaquil Historic Park

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

This park is filled with gorgeous and well-preserved architecture dating back to colonial times all the way to the present, including the city's independence period. Some of the original colonial buildings have been maintained for the public. Visitors can also enjoy a beautiful nature reserve displaying diverse regional plantlife and wildlife.

Cerro Blanco (Blanco Hill)

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Surrounded by natural beauty, this is the perfect place for adventurous tourists. This ecological reserve allows visitors to enjoy the lush vegetation and animals that represent the area. You can even spend a night camping on Cerro Blanco, the ideal way to fully experience this incredible destination.

Parque El Lago (Lake Park)

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

At this nature park, you can enjoy exciting water sports like snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking and rowing. The lake offers the ideal setting for a fun afternoon, surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation. Here, you can also enjoy other activities, like picnics and biking.

Barrio Las Penas

Attractions in Guayaquil, EcuadorBarrio Las Penas is the oldest neighborhood in the city with more than 100 years of history, featuring architecture reminiscent of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Set right at the foot of Cerro Santa Ana, this neighborhood is one of the most important tourist sites in the city, filled with houses of famous people from Ecuador's history. Barrio Las Penas has been recently renovated by the government and by its inhabitants, drawing in tourists from all over.

Parque Centenario

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Located in the center of Guayaquil, this is one of the city's largest parks. Here, you can explore a variety of monuments honoring the country's most important heroes. There's also a series of bronze monuments representing Ecuador's values throughout its history: patriotism, heroism, justice and liberty.

Museo de la Casa de la Cultura (Culture House Museum)

Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador

This museum houses the most valuable collection of gold pre-Columbian artwork. It's considered one of the most important art collections in Ecuador and throughout Latin America. Among the items, you'll see utensils, jewelry, accessories like buttons and pins, and beautiful masks created by expert artisans. Experience these well-preserved arts and treasures that reflect the culture and lifestyle of Guayaquil's native people.

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