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Guanajuato ShoppingLocated throughout Guanajuato’s historic center are charming establishments that offer silver jewelry, crafts and ceramics from the town of Dolores Hidalgo. Some local shops sell textiles and luxurious pieces made with precious metals, blown glass and other high quality materials.

Mercado Hidalgo

Mercado Hidalgo in Guanajuato

Originally designed to be the city’s train station, this market is one of the most emblematic buildings in Guanajuato and is recognized by its pink stone facade and grand four-faced clock designed by Mr. Eiffel, who also built the famous tower in Paris. This two-story market has fruits, vegetables and prepared meals on the first floor, and craft stalls, souvenirs and leather goods on the second.

Inaugurated by Porfirio Diaz as part of the celebrations for Mexico’s 100 years of independence, the market was formally occupied by traders following the Mexican Revolution. Make sure you include a trip to Mercado Hidalgo on your itinerary and take part in a longstanding tradition in the city of Guanajuato.

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