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Callejoneadas in Guanajuato

Put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and head to Union Garden or Plaza de la Paz in Guanajuato, where entertainers garbed in seventeenth century costumes will take you back in time to the magic of Guanajuato’s colonial past. Known as estudiantinas, these groups guide you down traditional local alleyways as you listen to songs and chants from the local area and all over Mexico. You’ll also hear stories of famous legends and dance to the lively rhythms of their music. Without a doubt, the callejoneadas offer a fun and exciting way to learn about the city’s culture.

Bars and Nightclubs

Bars in Guanajuato

In Guanajuato, every day is a party. However Thursdays and Fridays are when the university students flood into the historic center to the many establishments located there. If you prefer a casual atmosphere the bar hopping is recommended. Start off with a shot of mezcal with orange then head off to more bars and order your favorite drink. You may wish to ask the residents for more information, as they know the best places and the best times to have fun.


The city’s trendy nightclubs cannot be missed. Like the bars, most of them are located within the historic center, however others can be found on small back streets that are easily accessible by taxi. If your trip coincides with the Festival Internacional Cervantino or the Day of Flowers, be sure to arrive early so you can get into the nightclub of your choice.

Plays and Musical Performances

Plays and Musical Performances Guanajuato

As a city known for its culture, Guanajuato features plays and live music performances almost every day, whether at popular restaurants or a local landmark. Take the time to review the monthly schedule and reserve your spot at one of these spectacles.

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