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Nightlife in Guanacaste, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Guanacaste

If you've still got some energy left after an exciting day exploring the sights of Guanacaste, then you'll be happy to know that when the sun goes down a whole different side of the city awakens to entertain you. The liveliest areas of the province are the cities of Liberia and Santa Cruz, along with the coastal tourist destinations. The growth of tourism over the last few years has had a direct impact on the nightlife in Guanacaste, leading to lots of new and exciting bars and clubs opening up.

Bars and Nightclubs

Nightlife in Guanacaste

A great way to spend a night out in Guanacaste is to go out with friends for drinks. Many of the large hotels on the coast have excellent bars and restaurants, as well as clubs for those who like to dance the night away. Liberia and Santa Cruz are the two cities where you can find the largest variety of evening entertainment.


Nightlife in Guanacaste
The casinos in Guanacaste are another great option for a fun night out, the large majority of which are located in the hotels on the coast or in the province's main cities. Have a blast and try your luck gambling with your friends and family. Most of the casinos have all the table games, like blackjack, poker, and roulette, along with plenty of slot machines.

Traditional Festivals

Nightlife in GuanacasteIn Guanacaste they have a variety of traditional festivals and celebrations throughout the year. These are normally celebrated on a grand scale, and offer tourists a firsthand view of Guanacaste's rich culture and folklore. Some of the most important festivals in the region take place in the small city of Santa Cruz, to honor the patron saint of Costa Rica, La Negrita. Here you'll find fun and games for the whole family, including live folk music, traditional dances, food and drink, and even thrilling bull riding events. Many of the celebrations last all night long, until the morning light!

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