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Welcome to Guanacaste

Guanacaste is a beautiful province of Costa Rica where you can find everything from mountainous jungle regions to plains and fabulous beaches. Its name comes from the Guanacaste tree, the national emblem of Costa Rica, which adequately represents its extensive and exuberant forests and jungles. This surprising destination combines culture, ecology and adventure for all those visitors who wish to have a vacation that's out of this world.

It is considered by many as a paradise of nature conservation, not only in Costa Rica but in the world over. With hundreds of years of history, Guanacaste has become a Mecca of eco-tourism. Here you can find cascades, forests, beaches, mountains and even volcanoes. Come and discover natural wonders and have a vacation beyond your wildest dreams in Costa Rica.


Welcome to Guanacaste
Guanacaste occupies a territory of about 4,000 square miles, about the size of the island of Jamaica. Along the border with Nicaragua, to the north, and south of the Puntarenas province, this city has a population of a little more than 200,000 inhabitants. This means that there are roughly 26 people for every square kilometer, offering an atmosphere of calm without stress, filled with nature and wildlife.

Welcome to Guanacaste

The people of Guanacaste are characterized as being warm, hard working and friendly. The towns and cities of the region are a clear mixture of cultures that have produced a rich spread of cultural, social and gastronomical expressions, a fusion of European, African and local influences. Be fascinated by the colonial architecture of the cities and the countryside atmosphere of the small towns in the outskirts of the city.

Welcome to Guanacaste

Guanacaste is a land that is a protected area and the government of Costa Rica has taken this into account when building new routes of transportation. Tourists have easy access to the adventure and conservation areas, as well as to the Daniel Oduber International Airport, located right in the heart of the province.


Welcome to Guanacaste

Guanacaste is usually divided up into two main areas: Guanacaste Norte (North) and Guanacaste Sur (South). The northern zone has beautiful tropical and mountainous landscapes. Its fertile lands were used as pasture lands for livestock like bulls and cows, a common sight on the prairies.

Welcome to Guanacaste
On the coasts of Guanacaste Norte, there are several international, five-star chain hotels that offer fabulous services so that you feel comfortable. The city of Liberia can also be found in the area and is the administrative center of the province. It is also known as the "ciudad blanca" (the White City) because of the color of its beautiful colonial streets, made of white gravel and rock.

Welcome to Guanacaste
Guanacaste Sur offers towns and small communities filled with folklore and culture. The main settlement of the area is Nicoya, located some 18 miles away from the coast, making it a perfect starting point for seeing local natural attractions and fabulous days on the beach. Both the north and south have an excellent transportation infrastructure, helping visitors get from one place to another easily.


Welcome to GuanacasteThanks to its varied geography, Guanacaste is home to hundreds of exotic species that live in the swamps, rain forests, mountains and rivers. The conservation effort in this area has been impressive, creating dozens of parks and protected areas. Every year, thousands of tourists come to see the different species of birds and mammals to the area. The UNESCO has declared many of these areas as world heritage sites because of the diverse variety in the ecosystem.

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