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Shopping in Gramado, Brazil: Souvenirs and more

Shopping in Gramado, Brazil

Gramado is like a large outdoor shopping mall where you'll find beautiful products in a wide range of stores and shopping centers. This city is the perfect place to enjoy a day of shopping with the whole family while exploring the city's architectural beauty.

The largest group of shops in Gramado is on Avenida Boges de Medeiros and Avenida das Hortensias. On these streets, you'll find a variety of both modern and traditional stores selling the best the region has to offer, with textiles, furnishings and artisanry, not to mention shops selling crystal and cuckoo clocks imported from Germany.


The beautiful Rua Coberta (covered street) is another great option for shopping, with a charming setting filled with shops and bookstores. On holidays and during certain seasons, Rua Coberta also features fascinating fashion shows.


Shopping in Gramado, Brazil

The city of Gramado has a long tradition of chocolate-making. The Serra Gaucha mountain range has inspired many business to produce mouthwatering recipes created with cacao, especially homemade chocolate. While walking through the streets of Gramado, you'll come across numerous shops specializing in all kinds of chocolate flavors, from traditional sweets to chocolate in the shape of guitars and cars, the perfect option for a gift or souvenir.


Cheeses and Wines

Shopping in Gramado, Brazil

Due to southern Brazil's colder climate, enjoying wines and cheeses in local homes and restaurants is a popular local tradition. In the area's wine houses and farms, you'll find an amazing variety of cheese and wine to taste and purchase, with options available for all budgets and tastes.





Shopping in Gramado, Brazil

In stores throughout Gramado, you'll find many styles of modern and traditional clothing. This particular part of Brazil traditionally sells many leather goods like jackets and pants. There are also stores for several famous brands, and at the shopping malls you'll come across beautiful accessories inspired by the city's charm.

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