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Restaurants in Gramado, Brazil: Gastronomy and Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Gramado, Brazil

Dining in Gramado is yet another one of its attractive features, offering a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars serving many different types of cuisine. The city's strong European influence can be seen in several traditional local dishes, but delicious Brazilian-inspired favorites can also be found throughout this destination.

Italian and German recipes, brought to the city by its European colonists and founders, are the most popular of the city's diverse options, and can be found in many bars and restaurants. Wines and sparkling wines are also popular here; in this region of Brazil, there are several wine producers that double as specialized restaurants for those who want to savor a delicious meal with the perfect pairing.

Chocolate provides the proverbial "cherry on top" in Gramado; it's an integral part of the city's culture, often found in family homes and in traditional fondues.


Cuisine in Gramado, Brazil

Gramado offers an impressive variety of cuisine, featuring mouthwatering options that are hard to find in other parts of Brazil, like exotic meats, Swiss recipes and Austrian specialties. No matter what you're craving while in Gramado, you'll find everything from American and Mediterranean cuisine, to Japanese and Thai cuisine.

Local Specialties

Typical Dishes in Gramado, Brazil

On your trip to Gramado, make sure to experience the city's traditional specialties, like "galeto", created by Italian colonists using grilled chicken. Since this city is set in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, you'll find the best churrasquerias, although the city is most well-known for its wide range of European food.

Gastronomy in Gramado, Brazil

Colonial cafes are a tradition in the region, brought over by southern Brazil's German colonists. The colonial cafes offer a buffet with Brazilian and international cuisine, usually artisan-style food with several types of bread, butter, cheeses, jams, traditional cakes, ham, sausage, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, wine and more.

Rua Coberta

Restaurants in Gramado, Brazil

Rua Coberta (covered street), also known by its original name Rua Madre Veronica, is a beautiful option for a fascinating time. It houses many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy an elegant ambiance protected from the sun and rain. This covered street is also the stage for fashion shows and presentations. At Christmas, it's a popular place to view beautiful decorations.

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